Tips To Make Computer Faster And More Efficient

The method and manner of use of a computer can affect its performance. For example, improper handling and lack of maintenance of computer results, often, to blockages or slow when running certain programs. Here are some tips to make computers faster and more efficient.

Tips To Make Computer Faster And More Efficient

Optimizing Windows:

Start by installing antivirus software on your computer. Proceed through the antivirus to scan your entire computer. This allows you to detect and remove malicious programs installed without your knowledge on your computer. Restart the computer at the end of the process.

Proceed then cleaning and defragmenting the hard drive to remove unnecessary files stored incorrectly by Windows on the computer (PC).

Defragmentation also frees up space on the hard disk and correct any technical errors related to the storage and playback.

To access the PC cleaning tools and defragmenting the hard drive, click on “My Computer” on the computer, then right-click the hard drive icon (usually designated by the letter “c”) and choose “Properties”. A menu appears.

Under the “General” tab click on “Disk Cleanup.”

To defragment the disk, go to the same menu and choose under the “Tools” tab, the “Defragment Now”.

The third component optimization for the web browser. Go to the menu of the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc..) And choose to delete cookies. The presence of the latter sometimes causes problems for Internet browsing, especially slow.

Before deleting the cookies, try to save all your personal information (Login or pseudonyms, passwords, etc..) That you use when you connect to various web sites.

Maintenance and Computer Optimization:

Make sure your computer has enough memory to run software that is installed on your computer. Add memory modules in your computer is sometimes necessary to optimize performance and avoid some bugs and bottlenecks.
At the same time, do not forget to dust the various components of the central processing unit of your computer.

I Think:

Personally, I noticed that my PC is slow in the boot. I consulted the opinion of some computer to find out why my computer was so slow.

Steps, listed above, I have been advised and helped me learn how to optimize my PC and improve its performance. Since I undertake regular cleaning of my computer (PC), the processor speed of my computer improved significantly.

I did not use any software to clean my computer (PC). I was also advised to ignore offers that offer me to clean my PC online for free. Some websites may inject, unbeknownst to the user, cookies, and even other viruses on your computer.

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