Man's Landing On The Moon - The Conquest Of Outer Space

The world was startled on October 4, 1957, when it came to know that Russia had successfully fired its Sputnik or satellite to revolve around the earth in outer space. This gives a new turn to world history. A rocket had sent a man-made baby moon against the force of gravity to outer space. It was a wonderful achievement in science. It remained to revolve around the earth for three months. 

Man's Landing On The Moon - The Conquest Of Outer Space  

A brief history of man's attempts to reach the moon. 

The next important step in the conquest of outer space was taken when Russia sent out a man in space. The first spaceman returned alive and cheerful after a short stay. Much valuable information was thus gained. Next, one of the cosmonauts came out of his ship and swam in outer space for ten minutes. In this way, man acquired knowledge and training for his ascent to the Moon. Man's first landing on the Moon a remarkable achievement. Man's first landing on the Moon

  Man's first landing on the Moon 

It was on 16th June 1967, that America sent up its spaceship. It carried three of the most experienced spacemen of the U.S.A. It was Man's first voyage to the Moon, and everything was carefully prepared to avoid any failure or loss of life. The world watched the flight over television and waited in suspense for Man's first landing on the Moon. At last, on 2nd July 1967 man set his foot on the Moon for the first time. The dream of ages had, at last, come true. 

The spaceman, Armstrong, was the first to land on the Moon. He planted the U.S.A. flag on the Moon, walked about 150 feet, and collected pieces of rocks, stones, soil, etc., to bring them to the earth. The world was thrilled to know of Man's conquest of the Moon. The first moon landing was on 20 July 1969 by Lunar Landing Mission.


Man's second landing on the moon. 

The two spacemen remained on the Moon for a short while, and they started on their return journey. All went smoothly according to plan. It was a perfect flight both ways. History was made, and the technical superiority of the U.S.A. was demonstrated to the world, Other flights followed and America could successfully land a man on the Moon once again and he could stay there for a much longer duration, and collect much valuable material and information. Man's Landing On The Moon is a big achievement for scientists and astronauts. 

The conquest of the moon is of great significance, Moon is likely to be used for Man's flight to Mars and other planets. Man's ascent to the Moon is only the beginning of his conquest of outer space. Already, the U.S.A. has successfully launched a space shuttle called Columbia. Hundreds of satellites are already floating in outer space. They are already being used for the purpose of telecommunication. T.V. Programmes rallied through a satellite can be viewed all the world over. 

India, too, has not lagged behind. She has developed her own space technology. It has now its satellites revolving in outer space. T.V. Programmes are now rallied through them. Star T.V. and global T.V. have now become a reality. Who was the other man on the moon? For information, tell us that the person's name is Buzz Aldrin. 

Man's second landing on the moon. 

Conquest of outer space is no doubt a great achievement but outer space must not be used for war purposes. It would be a sad day, indeed if this achievement is misused. Former President Reagan of the US.A. came out with his "Star-War” program. It simply meant the use of outer space for war purposes; spaceships floating in outer space would be used for launching attacks on the enemy. They would also be used for the purposes of spying and taking photographs of strategic positions on the enemy territory. This threat raised storms of protest all the world over. 


You will be happy to know that US President Clinton did not mention the Star Wars program at all. The former ended with the breakup of the Soviet. Union, a "Star-War" has now become a thing of the past. The cold war era has ended.

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