5 Obstacles to Creative Thinking and How to Overcome Them

Now the million-dollar question is, how does the new idea come about? After all, the most important thing to do a new job is that you have an idea to do something new: in a different way from others; A bit different Unlike what has been done. 

5 Obstacles to Creative Thinking and How to Overcome Them

A new idea can also come to your mind. As "Norman Bushnell" has said, "Whatever happens, a thought comes to his mind, but that person is able to do something, who takes a bath and wipes the body and does something about that idea." Thoughts come to the mind of all of us, but they do not stay there, because we do not give them a chance to stay. We do not give the opportunity to set the seed of new work ideas. There are five major obstacles to creative thinking that can prevent you from learning new things on how to improve your problem-solving skills for success in your professional and student life.

Let's find the best suggestion for how to overcome the barriers of creativity.

1. No Time to Think

No Time to Think is one of the major Reasons for 5 Obstacles to Creative Thinking No matter how good the idea is, it is important to think seriously. It is imperative to meditate on him, weigh his well-meaning peddlers, consider his possibilities and his abilities. 

Unfortunately today the pace of our life has become so fast that we have no time to think. Maybe that's it. The reason is that most of the new ideas come in the mind of the people. Where they are able to sit quietly for a while. If you want the idea of ​​doing new things in your mind, then you should get used to sitting for some time in peace. Thoughts will come, provided you allow them to come.

2. Becoming nervous

Often, a person walks on a familiar path throughout his life. And is afraid to follow the unknown path. As Shakespeare has said in his famous play 'Hamlet', man endures the familiar troubles of this world only because he knows nothing in the future. We all are afraid of going into the dark, we feel insecure in the dark. 

The risk reality over there is that if you want to do new work and want to become rich, then without forgetting to work, forget that most of the rich people of the world have become rich. That he is worried about the future because there is a risk. I want to do it and it won't work. Su people take risks

3. Do not foresee future possibilities

Many times a very good idea comes to our mind, but then we think that maybe that idea is not strong, maybe we will not get success in it. However, after some time we come to know that someone else acquired wealth and fame by working on the same idea. 

This means that we often do not foresee future possibilities. This is true not only of common men but also of large companies. When Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs made their first personal computer, Apple, they proposed to buy the rights to the Hulett Packard Company. The company missed this golden opportunity due to the lack of foreigners.

4. Lack of confidence

Just imagine, a great new idea comes to your mind and you also see its possibilities. You also get ready to take risks. You want to get involved in that work with full enthusiasm, but then there is such a thing, due to which you drag your steps back. This is a lack of confidence, lack of confidence in our abilities. 

You start thinking that maybe you will be wrong because if this new idea had been so good, it would have been thought by someone else. You do not trust your intelligence that it can think of a unique idea. You do not have confidence in your abilities that you can realize that idea or do the work successfully.

5. Fear of criticism

If people support it, the new idea can be easily realized, but the funny thing is that most of the people around us oppose the new idea on every front, at every turn. Every progressive person should remember that the mindset of the general public is traditionalist and status quoist. Common people do not want any change to happen. However, change is essential for progress. This is the reason that every progressive person has to face criticism and taunts from society. 

It continues to run from Socrates to Bill Gates. We should not forget that success is achieved only when a new idea is implemented despite all the opposition. Darwin and Galileo were victims of criticism and persecution of the traditionalist society. When the Wright brothers were building aircraft, they were fiercely opposed and laughed. Walt Disney was heavily criticized while creating Disneyland. These examples prove to us that if we want to do new work, then we should not panic. On the path of progress, you should prepare yourself to face the criticism of the majority of people, because the majority of people are status quoist, not progressive.

These are the effective and simple ways of managing barriers to creativity and innovation.

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