Do You Know About Two Unique Techniques to Increase Focus in Your Work

Many people fail simply because they are unable to focus on their work. Even children with very sharp intellect are not able to get good results, because they cannot sit in one place for long. If you feel that you or your team are lacking in focus or your child is unable to focus on their studies, then you know about some unique techniques which have proved to be helpful in bringing tremendous improvement in focus and results. So let's know, Two Unique Techniques to Increase Focus in Your Work by Theory of Pomodoro (25 + 5) and Active recall technique (10: 1) 

Do You Know About Two Unique Techniques to Increase Focus in Your Work

Two Unique Techniques to Increase Focus in Your Work by Theory of Pomodoro and Active recall technique 

Theory of Pomodoro (25 + 5)

Reading too long continuously makes the mind tired, muscles get tired. In such a situation, the body and mind need rest. But even after that, if your child is sitting studying then it will not be of any use.

Often parents make mistakes here when they ask their child to read continuously for a long time and this is how they measure their commitment towards education.

Pomodoro's principle 25 + 5 states that the child has to read continuously for 25 minutes with full focus and after that take a full break of 5 minutes. A maximum of four Pomodoro can be done at a time, which means reading for 100 minutes at a time and also a break of 5–5 minutes every 25 minutes. This technique urges parents not to make their children do long seats, but to motivate reading with short breaks. This will improve children's memory in no time and they will do their studies with laughter.

The principle of Pomodoro can also be adopted by adults and working people at their workplace. Older people can keep this time 50 minutes instead of 25. You must leave your place every 50 minutes and take a 10-minute break and then start your work.

 Millions of people in every corner of the world adopt the principle of Pomodoro even by setting an alarm. According to research conducted on this, people's focus on workplaces has improved significantly.

Active recall technique (10: 1)

According to this technique, if a student has read 10 pages, then now he should write a summary of one page by himself. When a student writes a summary of his / her own reading. It penetrates within him. The problem now is that the books are printed after the chapter, or the teachers themselves get it written. Students memorize that summary, but it does not give them a deeper understanding of the subject. This technique can also be adopted at workplaces. If you want to remove something within the team, then a meeting or meeting with them. After discussion, ask to write a complete summary of it. With this, they will try to understand that the discussion was better. If you were to do an induction program for new staff in the company. , Then this technique remains very effective there.

Some basic techniques to increase focus in your work

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Techniques to increase focus


Theory of Pomodoro (25 + 5)


Active recall technique (10: 1)


Set daily goals


Practice mindfulness


Know your body clock


First things first


Set deadlines and stick to them


Keep tasks manageable


Take mental breaks


Set a timer


Exercise often


Declutter your workspace


Use the Five-minute rule


Give yourself a caffeine boost


Switch tasks


Train your brain to do deep work


Compartmentalize your time


Put away your mobile phone


Work in 45-minute cycles


Practice daily meditation

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