Top easy tips to get success and good marks in your exam

There is always a concern among all the students about the board examination or any competitive exam. But there is no such test that you cannot score well in it. All that is needed is to know some easy methods, by adopting the right planning and tips, you can achieve success in any of the exams.

Top easy tips to get success and good marks in your exam

In today's article, we will learn about scoring or topping good marks in any exam. After knowing these tips, your nervousness will go away and you will not be left behind in terms of numbers obtained in your exam.

Time Management: 

Time Management

By the way, we all know that time is very precious and everyone is also taught that due to lack of proper methods and information on 'Time is Money', due to lack of time management, it is said that time got out of hand. And the whole question could not be solved either. If you are a little weak in the subject, then practice more and more time on that subject. Usually, we do not give full time to repeat the topics which come in the exam. Never make this mistake, but set equal time for every subject.

Understand the concept:

It is not necessary to always prepare according to the syllabus, it is not necessary to do this work every time. It would be appropriate if you first understand that subject in-depth and well and then move on. Usually, children and contestants go to the exam by rote a subject and if the question in the paper becomes a little different then they leave the question in panic. In such a situation, if you understand the subject well and sit for the exam, then you will be ready to answer in every way.

Make notes:

This is a very important tip. After reading a topic, make notes of the information received in your easy words. The notes that you make will always help you, really have to process it in your mind and understand it which will go a long way for you in memorizing the content.

Do not avoid:

Remember this saying "Do tomorrow, do today and do today, do now". Often, seen children postpone their studies and get busy with some other work and later come under pressure seeing the same incomplete syllabus. Doing incomplete work later affects your results. Set goals according to the time table daily and keep preparing accordingly. Do not leave the study incomplete without urgent work.

Keep positive thinking:

One has to be in a state of constant meditation to revise the subjects before taking the exam, which may not actually be good for your brain. While it is important to remember mathematical formulas as an example, it is equally important to know about the anatomy of the body and to relax the mind during the study, that too with positive thinking.

Many studies have shown that adopting the Pomodoro technique while studying improves your concentration and increases your productivity. If you apply this technique, you will definitely see a 100% benefit.

Solve old question paper with a time limit:

Not all can get high marks in the exam nor do they want to get low marks in the exam. Therefore, previous year question papers can be helpful for students to get good scores in the exam. Suppose a student or contestant is giving exams of 10 or SSC and is facing a problem with a particular subject, then he/she can solve previous year question papers. By doing this it helps him to get adequate practice and master that subject.

Make a time table :

Many time table benefits can be availed by managing your time by creating time schedules such as reducing stress, utilizing effective time, promoting reviews. Another advantage is that time management helps us to always be motivated to avoid procrastination.

Eat a healthy meal:

Eat a healthy meal

Yes, to get good numbers in exams, you should always eat healthy food too. You should take maximum protein content in your diet, green vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, eggs, fish, and occasional meats. Take deli once, include soup, green tea, and fresh juice in your diet chart and take it regularly and keep yourself away from junk food.

Stay away from gadgets:

In today's digital environment, it is common to have mobiles and computers in every home. Keep contestants and students away from these things for a few days. Especially young children are very fond of gaming etc., so do not attract yourself to these smartphones and computers and limit the time spent on them. Make a time for yourself, such as late in the morning and late at night so that you can keep yourself updated. Nowadays, all types of study materials are available online, so those who study your studies related to them online, do not waste time in vain.

Discussion with friends:

Discussion with friends

After studying, take the time to call many of your friends and share your doubts with them, and you can answer any other question. By exchanging information in this way, there will be a lot of fun in studies.


If you start following these suggestions mentioned through this article in preparation for your board, or any other exam from today, you can easily get more than 60-90% marks in any examination. If necessary, just prepare for the exam regularly. Also, do not leave any stone unturned in preparing for the board examination. Do not postpone things in idleness, it will cause harm. Read what you read again and again so that it does not need to be read again and there is no loss of syllabus. Include a healthy diet and exercise in your routine. Pay special attention to time management.

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