Top 5 tips to educate the Courtesy to your children in 2022 - Must read

No instructions like 'Children, do this show' are required in case of courtesy. The minor things about the child's behavior also reflect what he has learned in his home and the surrounding environment.

Top 5 tips to educate the Courtesy to your children in 2021

Courtesy is seen. Top 5 tips to educate the Courtesy to your children in 2021.

Yes, it is not at all difficult to understand that children learn the virtues of good manners, and courtesy. These are the qualities that live together throughout life, give a better shape to the personality of the child and make his identity in society brightly acceptable. But the age to teach these qualities to children should be right. Some parents think that when children get a little smarter then they should teach etiquette. The time to learn good qualities or manners that we call family values ​​starts from the birth of the child. The child learns by seeing you and the people around you.

Speaking, walking, not only eating and drinking but also behaving. As they start to understand and understand, the practice can be done to enhance every quality.

Teach the truth.

Children learn to tell the truth or lie in their childhood and they learn from the environment and elders around them. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this aspect. Children cannot understand the events of life, so explain the importance of telling the truth through stories. If they ever make a mistake or tell you their mistake, do not scold them. If you scold them, they will start lying to avoid it. Explain to them not to make mistakes again. To teach children the truth, you also have to tell the truth in every situation. Children learn a lot from some small lies that you ignore.

Teach forgiveness and apologize

If the child sits on one side by quarreling with his brother or sister and getting angry, then teach him the qualities of forgiving and apologizing. Some children do not know to say sorry. It becomes difficult to grow up because neither they can apologize nor they can forgive. For this, first, teach him how to apologize. If you do something wrong, apologize to the child so that he learns by watching you. At the same time, forgive others and teach them how to move forward.

Teach to be sensitive

Teach children to plant, care for them. Add water daily, remove dried leaves and keep the same cleanliness around the plant as we keep in our house. Make them sensitive to silent creatures as well. Hummingbirds can also be taught. It is said that how a person deals with a silent creature, he can understand what that person is like.

If someone is apologizing for making a mistake, then they should also learn to forgive, and teach them to the child.

Teach challenge

Let the children do the tasks they are afraid to do themselves. Teach them to face every challenge. If the child is afraid to talk to someone, ask him to talk to overcome his fear. Get the practice done. If no work is being made by him and he is getting depressed, then encourage him to complete that work himself. Ask to remove the fear of losing your mind. Defeat is only a result, don't try to stop it, teach it. Kids now

We will be able to move forward only when we teach you how to face challenges.

Teach them to value emotions

This quality is very important for every human being. It should be taught at this age to appreciate the feelings of others. If either the mother or the father is unhappy, the child must realize it. Many times when the parents are unable to meet the demands of the children and also give the reason for this, but still they remain adamant. Do not appreciate the feelings of parents. Children can understand your and others' problems, and prepare them for this.

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