Do this work before giving mobile phone for repair in the service center? - Some tips you need to know

When the mobile goes bad or small problems start coming in it, then hastily give it to the service center. But even a small mistake in haste can cause big problems. Some are telling about such mistakes, which are made before the mobile is given in service, hence it is important to take care of them.

Do this work before giving mobile phone for repair in the service center?

Some tips before giving to mobile phone for repair in the service center

Social Media

Logout from We use many types of social media on mobile. We have much important information in social media, which is important to keep safe. When given to fix mobile, then logout from social media, delete or uninstall them. Similarly, delete the app by logout with an e-mail id as your e-mail id is attached to every social media and account, which makes it easy to remove personal information.

Delete Bank Account Information

If you use a mobile wallet and bank apps for money transactions, then logout and uninstall them before placing the phone in the service center. If you forget to delete them, then the account and the information related to it can also be misused.

Back-Up Mobile Data

Back up photos, mobile numbers, files, videos, etc. on the phone. Save it on any hard disk, laptop or another mobile. Especially do not forget to delete the pictures of you and your close ones. In addition, delete the history of the browser.

Some tips before giving to mobile phone for repair in the service center

Sim Card and Memory Card

Deleting all apps, photos and data are not enough. Before sending the mobile to service, delete all the messages. OTPs are present in the message to log in to an account or app. Apart from this, there is also information about the transaction of money made from the account. It is very important to remove them from mobile. While using the mobile number device, save it in SIM or in an e-mail. Then remove the SIM and memory card and give them to the mobile service.

Report Full Damage to a service center 

It is very important to do this by informing the service center repairman in detail about every problem you encounter during use. Generally, many people do not give up when their mobile phones go bad until they deal with the issue themselves. When they are exhausted, they run to the repair centers. So make sure to know all about the damage done to the repairman. This will help you and the repairman to overcome the problem easily.

Warranty on Repair 

Before you leave the repair center after getting the phone serviced, be sure to ask for a warranty for the repair. This is because if your phone malfunctions again and you start to suffer from the same problem, it will help prevent your pocket from being overpriced.

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