How to celebrate the colors of Holi with your loved ones in this coronavirus pandemic

Holi and have not fun, this is not possible at all. The wrath of the corona will not stop us from celebrating. We will take care, not to go to someone's house, neither will you call anyone. We will just decorate the colorful festival of Holi at our home.

celebrate the colors of Holi with your loved ones in this coronavirus pandemic

Holi is also a festival of fun with colors. People like to color each other in Holi. But this time the Holi will be slightly different. There will be colors, but there will be fewer people to apply. One has to take care of social distance. Just say that instead of going in the crowd, celebrate the Holi festival with the family. In such a situation, do not disturb the dryness in this festival of color, for this, make some fun preparations from now. Keep a party at home, do something new and creative with colors. Connect with those who are far away from you. When the Holi of the house will be fun and creative, believe it, it will become a memorable Holi for everyone.

Celebrate the colors of Holi with your loved ones in this coronavirus pandemic.

Play Holi with loved ones

This time no guests will come home and neither will we go to anyone's house, so organize this Holi party at home. This party will not be for outsiders but for family members. Decorate the table with a plate of colors, make the courtyard or terrace colorful by decorating it with colorful clothes and flowers. Add together those that are on your own. Your friends, distant or close relatives, who cannot come home, you can definitely join their party through video call. For everyone, decide the color of the dress i.e. dress code beforehand, such as white and red, white and yellow, white and blue, etc. It will be compulsory for everyone to wear a bright color with white, only then the color will be added to the festival. This dress code will be adopted by you as well as the family and friends associated with the video call.

Set colors with music

Holi is incomplete without music. And if there is music, there will be no dancing and dancing. Prepare the list of Hindi songs of Holi. Include all kinds of songs, old and new. Then start the song and dance by applying color or gulal to each other. Everyone, from the youngest to the elders, has to dance to music. At the same time, relatives or friends who are joining you on a video call, play Antakshari with them and sing songs loudly. Keep in mind that the video call is full of fun and no one feels bored.

Entertainment with Holi meet

After taking and giving the best wishes of Holi, the time comes for entertainment. Although the process of laughter and joking continues like this, organize a game for it. You can choose the game to your liking. But along with the game, give the title to every member. The nature of the friends and family members present at home and friends or family members on video calls is to explain through puzzles and identify the other members for whom he/she is the Haji member who will make the most accurate guess, he will be the winner. On the other hand, whose estimate is wrong, they will have to pour a glass or gulal filled with color. You can also give the title to the member according to the puzzle.

Just like pink color is a symbol of love, red color fire, and energy, a yellow color is a symbol of happiness. Similarly, according to the nature of family members can also give titles. What color they are right for, they will have to tell themselves and other people will have to vote. Titles will be awarded on the basis of the vote.

Capture memories on camera

Pictures are memories of memories. To make this festival of Holi memorable, capture creative and colorful photos in the camera. Apart from photos, videos can also be made in slow or fast motion, marang video, etc. Without telling everyone, they will make pictures or videos (candid) and when you see them later, you will not stop laughing. In the true sense, this is called memories. They can be taken from both DSLR cameras or Android phones. The pictures of Android mobiles can be taken as clean and beautiful pictures as professional cameras. The focus is only on the eagles and the colors.

Photo with family

If you want to take memorable pictures with the family, then do not take a candid picture but with the plan. Take a picture of the mother playing the color with the children. Fathers and children or spouses can take pictures playing the game. These pictures will be as beautiful as they are real. In addition, you can create a photo booth for photographs and decorate it with many-colored posts, flowers, or decoration items. This will bring color to the pictures.

Colorful face picture

The option of focus is present in the camera along with the camera. Keep the focus of the camera in the manual so that you do not have to focus repeatedly. Take a picture of a face full of color and gulal. The focus will be on the face and the back part will be blurred. The face will be filled with pink, green, and yellow colors. So the picture will emerge more. Also keep in mind that when taking a face only, do not take a picture by zooming the camera as it will not clear the photo.

Flying gulal or abir picture

Ask the person whose picture is to be taken to stand upright and ask the other person to throw the gulal towards him. The picture is only of the man standing and flying Galal. The person and Gulal will be focused and the picture behind will be foggy. In the same way, photographs can also be taken by hand-waving gulal. Apart from photographs, also make videos in slow motion. If the hair is full of red, then this is the chance to make a colorful and beautiful video. Women have long hair so it can be tried on them. Record the video in slow motion from the camera. Then gather the people on one side and take them to the other side by giving a fast blow. Flying Gulal with hair in slow motion will look very beautiful.

First, get the camera-ready

If there is Holi, there will be water sports along with color. In such a situation, do not leave your camera in the middle of the festival, so make some arrangements in advance.

  • To avoid water in the camera, buy a rain cover. You can also take cover for mobile.
  • Keep the memory card empty so that you can take as many pictures as you want Can.
  • Keep both the camera and mobile battery fully charged.
  • Plan in advance what kind of photos you want to take
  • Go and make the setting at the same time accordingly. You will not have to go to the setting again and again in the middle of the festival.
  • Keep a shutter speed of at least 1/160 sec to take a picture of Gulal and people walking.

Celebrate the colors of Holi with the elderly

Colour on the feet of the elderly

When you start playing Holi, then it is not possible to stop. The whole fire gets wet in the cycle of rigging. But when there is an elderly person in the house, then some things should be known. Enjoy this festival, but take care not to feel any discomfort and harmlessness.

Don't feel them lonely

When playing colors or during fun, when everyone is together, many times they are unable to pay attention to the elderly. Start Holi by applying tilak to elders. This will give respect to elders and children will also learn sacraments. However, usually the elderly have a place to sit and clans and they always like to sit there. When the family sat down to have breakfast or play games, then arrange your meeting in the elderly place or near them. Whoever is going to play the game. Tell the elders of the house about them. Make them like they are for the home. They will like it.

Play color carefully near the elderly

Some elders like to play Holi a lot, while some are limited to Tilak only. First of all, ask the elderly whether they want to play or not, then only give them a rub. They are also rubbing. So choose lighter colors. The leftovers of old age are delicate, so do not apply chemical-rich colors. Also, the rag does not irritate their skin. The best is to seek blessings from elders by applying tilak or putting gulal in their feet.

Take care of the elderly safety

Throwing colored water at each other can be fun for us, but not for the elderly. If playing colors with them, keep in mind that they have to apply color decently and do not add water at all. They should also take care of dry color, do not go in their eyes and mouth nose. At the same time, if the courtyard is wet, do not let the elderly go to that place or avoid throwing water in their presence.

Celebrate the colors of Holi with personnel safety

Do not harm the eyes with colors

Holi colors, gulal, and abir can damage the skin as well as the eyes. If the colors go into the eyes, then there is a burning sensation. Shortness of time or blindness may also occur for some time. Crystals of dry colors can enter directly into the eyes and which can cause problems. A colored atomizer and water balloon can also hurt the eyes. Synthetic dyes contain lead-like metals, which can cause many problems such as eye allergies, chemical burns, corneal wear, or blunt eye injury. In such a situation, it is important to take precautions.

Cover the eyes

If it is applied to the face, then change the eyes. Stir the eyes in circles. Holi can wear sunglasses while playing Holi. Along with this color, colored water will also save a life from the eyes.

Do not wear contact lenses

Holi refrained from wearing contact lenses while playing. If you can't live without it, then make sure your eyes don't get colored. If the color goes into the eye, remove the lemon immediately and squirt the eyes with clean water. Do not rub the eyes. If the color goes into the eyes, first wash them with water. If the eyes are jealous, avoid rubbing them at any cost. Rubbing the eyes will worsen the situation.

Apply oil to the skin

Before playing Holi, apply coconut oil around the eyes. The oil will prevent the color from entering the intestines.

Take care of them

If you experience any kind of burning sensation in your eyes and symptoms like persistent redness, swollen pain, then see a doctor immediately. If possible, play Holi with colors made from natural products like turmeric, flowers, etc.

Avoid hair coloring

Holi is dyed with colored hair. This causes hair to become dry and lifeless. Take measures to protect your hair.

  • It is very important to use conditioner after shampoo after playing the color. This helps protect hair from the ill effects of dyes.
  • Use hair serum or hair cream after washing hair. If you want to apply oil, then mix two teaspoons of olive oil or one teaspoon of mustard oil and one teaspoon of castor oil and massage it well into the hair roots.
  • Wash hair with clean water at normal temperature. Take care that the water is not cold. This will remove the color sticking to the roots to a great extent. After this wash the hair thoroughly with a gentle shampoo.
  • Applying a hair pack is a good solution to remove hair color. Prepare the pack by mixing one tablespoon curd, one tablespoon gram flour, and a little lemon juice. Massage it for some time by applying it to the hair and then wash it with a mild shampoo.
  • Massage the hair with lukewarm oil. Then try hair. If there is dandruff, massage it by mixing lemon juice in the oil. This will remove the color quickly, and will also relieve dandruff.
Happy Holi to all of You By the Educarehub Channel team. 


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