Ways that will help you become a better person on the road in 2022

Covid-19 has changed the way people live and travel. As much importance is being given to health and sanitation today, as never before, to make India a safe and healthy nation, we must pay equal attention to cleanliness and traffic safety. Another series of simple and effective ways have been brought to us by the Government of India and many big automobile and transport companies to help make the journey more safe and clean for everyone. 

Ways that will help you become a better person on the road in 2021

So let's follow the suggestions below which will help you become a better person on the road ".

Respect all road users

In order to be a better person, it is important that we behave respectfully with everyone who uses the road, be it other vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists.

Drivers and riders should keep a watchful eye on such pedestrians who are waiting to cross the road at Zebra Crossing. If there is also a stop signal with zebra crossings, make sure that your car is parked before the black and white strips and leave enough room for pedestrians. If there is no stop signal and many people are waiting to cross the road, then the right way is to stop your car and let them cross the road. Respect for fellow road users should be seen from both sides.

As a pedestrian, you must also follow the traffic signal and cross the road only when the signal for the walking signal or pedestrian turns green. Follow the rules How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you have a desire to drive on the wrong side of the road in the greed to save time?

You should not do this. This not only disrupts the traffic but also endangers your life. If you have done this in the past, we urge you to never do it again. Be patient, drive a few extra kilometers, and spend a few more minutes in traffic. And be a sensible person. Also, take care of the roads marked with the 'one-way' sign and avoid going in the wrong direction.

Driving in the lane, sensible driving

The white ridges you see on the road are not drawn to enhance the beauty of the roads. To maintain a smooth flow of traffic, stay in the right lane as it reduces the possibility of jams on the road. If you are driving on the expressway. So stay in the middle lane and use the right lane only when you have to overtake. If you have to take a turn or take an exit, then it is better to plan it in advance and choose the right lane accordingly. Do not accidentally enter from one lane to the other,

Park the car properly.

Adherence to parking etiquette is an important part of the correct methods of road use. Be smart, take care of others, and park your car properly. Identify a parking spot that is large enough and does not obstruct other vehicles. Use your rearview mirror or rear parking camera carefully to enter or exit the parking lot. It is always advisable to keep the rear of the vehicle facing the wall. Due to the mistake made by you in parallel parking, the water can also be lost on the hard work of experienced drivers of vehicles in front of your car in the parking lot.

Some important precautions should be taken to correct this. Come to the place where you want to park the car until the next wheel of your car reaches the middle of the car next to your car. Now - rotate the wheels in the direction of the pavement or curb, and in reverse until Go until you are at a 25-degree angle in the car. Slowly straighten the wheels, bounce into your parking spot and when the front wheels are aligned with the butt or trunk, turn the wheels away from the curb and reverse and come straight to the spot. To avoid inconvenience to others, keep enough space in front of and behind the car.

Never park a car in such a way that more than one parking slot is obstructed. To avoid this, always park the car between the parking lines, even if you see the parking space as completely empty.

Some special thing about driving etiquette must be followed live

Ways that will help you become a better person on the road in 2021

Do this work: 

  • Whether you are sitting in the car in front or behind, always wear a seatbelt.
  • Adjust the mirror properly
  • Indicator Use Properly
  • Park the car in the middle of the line
  • Stay in the right lane
  • Stop before zebra crossing/stop line
  • Use child seat for children 12 years or under
  • Maintain proper air pressure in the wheels
  • Adherence to the two-second rule to maintain a safe distance from the front car
  • Place your hands in the 9-3 position on the steering wheels

Do not do these things: -

  • Red light jump
  • Very fast driving or Overspeed
  • Playing the horn unnecessarily
  • Mobile use ambulance/emergency service vehicles blocking the route while driving the parking lot cross-diagonally around the second line
  • Driving on the wrong side
  • Double park or pre-park, park with the car, drive with HighBeam even without need; Overtake from the left side

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