Fathers give three important qualities to their children - Competent, Affordability, and Courage.

Fathers are never ordinary, the future and creation rest in their arms.

Father is always with you in the three most important moments of life - when the capacity is low in childhood, then he enables them by raising them. Second, when life is at a crossroads, then empowered by guiding and make you courageous by taking on the responsibility of defense when you are in trouble. That's why the father's relationship is priceless.

Fathers give three important qualities to their children - Competent, Affordability, and Courage.

Father gives 3 qualities to children - Strength, Affordability, and Courage

Father gives strength

Father's companionship makes children tactful and intelligent. Father is the one who understands and fulfills your needs and wants before you say.

Because father builds your heart, mind, and body with full energy. Enabling your father is considered his biggest responsibility.

Fathers play a big role in the development of the heart, mind, and body. According to research by the University of Colorado, when fathers spend time with their children, the child's intelligence develops faster. Their IQ level gets better. According to another research, children start learning from the father as soon as they are in the mother's womb. During this time, children who get more father's time are socially more tactful than others. Fathers are children's role models and children learn more from fathers on building relationships, exercising for health, and how to behave, especially in public. Although the mother's role in language learning may be more, the research also found that children who have more father's support by the age of two, speak and understand more words than others.

68% of fathers are recognizing, and giving more time to children than ever before

According to a Harvard study, fathers are giving more time to children. 68% of fathers admitted that they had become closer to their children over the years. 51% believe that fathers understand children's interests, preferences, and the reason behind it better than the previous generation.

Father makes Affordability

Father makes successful and disciplined and teaches life values. Father is ready to stop you before you fall, even if you fall, he teaches you to get up. Because the father is the greatest guide to tell the difference between right and wrong. They consider it their biggest responsibility to empower you.

When it comes to discipline in the house, it is the father's first responsibility. According to research by LBJ Family School Texas, a father's guidance or right advice is helpful in making a child successful in every area of ​​life. Fathers have traditionally been considered strict and possessive. But this strictness lays the foundation for self-discipline in the child. Self-discipline is essential for inculcating life and family values. The English word discipline itself means to learn and to teach. In sports, fathers spend more time with children and when they race with children, throwing the ball from far away and asking them to fetch it, they motivate them to develop abilities. Children also learn to cope with stress and provide emotional support from their fathers. Children learn more from the father about the power of the family and the values ​​of their family.

Increases child's chance of success by 60% with a father

According to research by LBJ Family School, Texas, when a child gets parental support and guidance, their chances of getting an A grade increase by 38%. The chances of getting a good job increase by 60%, while the chance of taking the wrong path decreases by 80%.

Father makes courage

Teach them to take risks, be responsible, and protect the family. Father counts on you even when you fail. They make you worthy of victory. Because when you win the father is most proud.

He considers protecting your happiness as his biggest responsibility.

Fathers introduce children to different types of social experiences. According to a survey by the Early Childhood Association, fathers take more risks with their children. They prepare the child to be left alone, to make their own decisions, to travel alone, while the mother's love is protective. Fathers teach children to be safe themselves. This experience instills in children a desire to make the people around them feel safe. According to the 26-year-long 'The Family Origins of Empathic Concern Study', fathers are the biggest reason behind taking risks and instilling a sense of empathy in children. Children learn to take responsibility for their fathers and fight for it. Most children learn how to solve problems from their fathers. Children who get more support from their fathers, they have more empathy.

Fathers encourage children to take risks 80% of the time

According to a survey by the Early Childhood Association, fathers give children an 80% chance to take risks in risky activities, while mothers 40%. Father follows the policy of making mistakes and learning. Even when the work is difficult, the father is inspired to do it, while the mother does the work herself in such a situation.


There is only a father in this world who wants to see his children always moving ahead of him. No matter how much sorrow comes, never let the shadow of sorrow fall on your children, such are the fathers.

A father's wish is that his son or daughter should become even more successful than him. Our life is a tree, a mother whose branches and a father whose root is what holds everyone, so we should respect and serve our mother and father throughout life. With respect to the father, we are celebrating Happy Father's Day on 20th June.

"I Love You, Dad, You are my real Hero.."

Fathers give three important qualities to their children - Competent, Affordability, and Courage.

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