How to make passing moments worthwhile during this pandemic

Yesterday was my friend's 38th birthday. Everyone was congratulating him, but he was sad. I made a video call to congratulate him, but he was sad, asked the reason for the sadness, and said in a sad way, 'I am 38 years old and still, I do not have a private flat or house, neither a car nor any The child is married till now. All my brothers and sisters and friends have their own houses or flats, children are educated. He got married too. How long has it been Life is passing and now nothing can be achieved.

How to make passing moments worthwhile during this pandemic

Then I understood my friend and said, 'Listen, friend, New York is 3 hours ahead of California, but it did not leave California behind. Actually, everyone in the world has a time zone or time zone. Some may look ahead of you, some may be behind you. There is no need to be jealous of anyone and no need to imitate or be sad. They are in their time zone and we are in our zone. Life is all about keeping trying while waiting for the right time. Relax.

The main thing is to try. Instead of getting depressed, by comparison, you can keep on moving towards your dreams if you want. And ask the children to do the same. This Corona period has got a lot of time in the form of lockdown when people are spending a lot of time on social media these days. You can work on the concrete plan of your dream home, what you need to collect for it, all of them now. Children can also enhance their personality to a great extent.

Did I tell my friend right, definitely tell me by commenting? According to me, I told him absolutely right from my experience and knowledge acquired. The eye should always be on the front. Whatever may have been the scenes behind, they are now left behind. We need to upgrade our thinking.

Always pay attention that How to make passing moments worthwhile during this pandemic.

You should not lose the passing moments. Instead of worrying about the passing time/moment or the passing age, attention should be paid to these things.

It's time to make a dream come true

These days we have to stay at home most of the time due to Coronavirus. Now we have more time than before, so instead of worrying, we should think about it and try to fulfill our unfinished dreams. For example, if Amrita wants, she can search for a property in the preferred area or colony, if she has land, then she can make plans to build a house on it in the future. Actually, when walking towards dreams, both the hopes and the enthusiasm remain intact. If you wish, you can learn new skills and techniques and participate in workshops through webinars. At this time it has also become very important to consider alternative sources of income. Use of social media platforms.

By doing this, you can make your own identity and at the same time, you can earn money.

Want to know these things

It is important that time is constantly moving, it does not stop for anyone. As it passes, new lessons are also given. In this cycle of time, our learnings and our experiences also seem to have come late at times. We feel that we should have known long ago what we are facing today. There are some such things which it seems to be heard that if I wish this lesson had been learned in youth, then today life could have been more pleasant. Falling in this mistake, we would take our eyes off today.

And the road ahead becomes blurry. Believe that, forgetting what has happened, you have to move forward.

Time is passing, don't let it be

Everyone's life has come to a standstill for the last one and a half years. With the passage of time, the dark color of worry is also dissolving. But don't let despair pass you by because of this. If there are lighter colors that give a comparative sense of depth to the darker ones, focus on them. Wait diligently for this day, when life.

Then you will be back on track after getting back to normal, then you will be fully prepared to achieve your goal.

Pay full attention to your health

Pay full attention to your health

The time which we have taken for granted has taught us all an important lesson, whether it is a woman or a man, it is very important to take care of health. At the same time, it is necessary to take care of the health of the entire family member, who ignores it, and may have to see bad days. Taking care of nutrition in your food, and doing exercise regularly should never be neglected. As for the aerobics marathon, 30 percent proper nutritious food and 70 percent exercise play a role. Make sure to include green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Merely being slim is not the aim, it is important to be healthy, agile, and strong from within. Now is the right time to take care of yourself.

Eat well, exercise, be close to nature, meditate, and do yoga poses and asanas. The more good habits you develop during this time, the healthier you will be.

Trust next step

Just as every night has a morning, in the same way, every round ends, and a new era is born. It is not necessary that the pain, and sorrow that we have suffered in our past, then the same bitter things should accompany us till the future. If there is sorrow then it will also end and the next stage of life will be full of happiness. There will be happiness all around us. Life rewards you at every step, it has no fixed destination. If all attention is focused on worrying about the future.

So from this, the present moment can be separated from you. So live every moment and enjoy every moment.

It's never too late in life

Many times people think as soon as they cross forty that it is too late for change. If you are like this too, then change yourself. Stop thinking about what others will say and try to grab whatever opportunity you get in life.

Thinking that you have crossed the age of 40-45, do not miss the opportunity to do something new. Just think this, it is never too late for the one who is determined.

Friends, this incident happened a few days ago, which I have written in this article of mine. Don't waste your valuable time, enjoy every moment of it, and become a meaningful thinking person. How did you guys like this article of mine to make passing moments worthwhile, please tell me by commenting in the comment box below.

"There is golden light under its wings. For one and a half years, we have considered life, and time as paused, and stagnant, there is a departure in it. Then it is passing. Don't let it pass by."

Thank you

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