Why character building is more important than career preparation?

 All the best wishes to all the teachers, students, and parents from the Educarehub channel on Teacher's Day. This article is focused on what is the key to the success of our children.

Why character building is more important than career preparation?

The last one and a half to two years were like a new test for our entire education system. Not only children, teachers, and parents have also come out of this period by learning many new things. The physical fitness of children has become more important for teachers and parents. Character and humility seem to be more important than career. Parents expect teachers to make their children better citizens.

Character building is such a capital that keeps on increasing like the amount deposited in our bank account, it neither decreases nor remains constant. If money is lost nothing is lost then it will come back but once the character is gone, it can never come back for life. So try to save the character.

Know Why character-building is more important than career preparation:

What is the opinion of top and good teachers

About 43.2% of teachers said - children learned the online system faster, which surprised

39.3% of teachers said that the children's ability to fight fears and fears on their own was astonishing. 17.5% said that it is surprising for children without experience to produce better e-learning results.

About 72.4% of teachers want friendly relations with children so that students can share everything

10.9% of teachers considered it necessary to share everything with parents. 9.2% of teachers said that the teacher should be soft and caring. 7.4% said that the teacher should be strict.

About 57% of teachers said - children are worried about the tendency of being alone with mobile

20% of teachers consider career anxiety in children to be dangerous from a young age. 20.5% said – lack of patience in children is worrying. 3.7% said the tendency to consider high earnings as success is dangerous.

About 71.9% of the teachers said that respect is given a lot, but the salary is not available accordingly.

In the information gathered by our internet research, it has been found that all the teachers involved in many surveys admitted that their salary is low. 28.1% of the teachers said that they should also get a good salary like doctors, engineers or other professionals.

About 35.4% of teachers said that teachers should be given child psychology courses

26.7% of teachers want specialization courses every year. 28.5% want a skill test of teachers every two years. 9.3% want a common national test for B.Ed.

About 45.3% of the teachers said - even if given a second chance, he would become a teacher

27.9% of teachers would like to become IAS if they get another chance. 20% of teachers would like to pursue a profession of their own, while 6.8% would like to become a doctor or an engineer.

About 58.9% of teachers said that seeing a weak child succeed feels complete

33.1% of the teachers said that seeing the respect in the eyes of the alumni of their school, they feel complete as a teacher. Whereas 7.9% of the teachers said that it is a pleasure to feel their contribution to the progress of the school.

Know what parents want and their opinion

About 71.5% of parents want teachers to make their children better citizens

21.5% of parents want the teacher to make the child prepare for the competitive exam. 6.1% want more studies in school. Only 0.9% want teachers to devote time to their children.

About 28.9% of parents said - spending time with the child is more important than the gift

28% found that children's self-control was no less than that of adults. 27.8% saw many children's traits for the first time. 15.3% said children are more attached to grandparents.

About 61.4% of parents said - schools should be closed till every child-teacher gets the vaccine

In the current situation, even on the question of opening the school, the majority of the parents are with the school closed till the completion of the vaccination. However, there are also 38.6% of parents who believe that schools should be opened immediately.

About 42.5% of parents said that in one and a half years children have understood the challenges of the family

28.1% of parents admitted that children became irritable in one and a half years. 19% said that children became health conscious. 10.4% said that the importance of saving money was understood by the children.

About 92% of parents said – Board results should be released without taking the exam

Parents are of the opinion that the model of assessment without examination was correct only in special circumstances. However, 8% of parents said – without examination assessment, the pressure on children is reduced.

About 47.8% of parents said - teachers give practical life lessons

41% of parents believe that children's trust in teachers is the most important and priceless thing. 11.8% said that the schools were closed, yet the teachers came home to teach the children, this dedication is huge.

About 67.5% of parents believe self-discipline is the most important thing for children who are addicted to gadgets

18.9% of parents believe that smartphones should be given to children for a limited time. 11.9% believe that smartphones should not be given till the 8th standard. 1.7% say that the mobile data plan should be reduced.

These questions were asked by both teachers and parents






Humility is more important in the child



Career focus essential



Children to learn from home-school, happiness and sorrow, every aspect of life.



Physical activity should increase in school



Pre-corona routine was fine



School breaks should increase



School time is reduced.



Parents - civil services a better career for children

Teaches - children to grow in artificial intelligence

Which career is better for children (figures in percentage)



26.5% Artificial Intelligence

17.6 Artificial Intelligence

34.6% Civil Services

24.9% Civil Services

25.8% Teacher

15.4% Teachers



4.6% Doctor

10.5% DOCTOR

16.5% Sports

17.1 Sports

1.2% YouTuber

11.6% YouTuber

Sayings by some famous teacher

The greatest quality of a teacher is that he teaches us to read himself. They lay the foundation of life on the foundation of knowledge and science. - Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

A good teacher makes studies easy for his students. Even after the teacher leaves, the students continue to think about the lesson they have taught. One cannot become a good teacher by feeling the pressure to teach. Teaching is a religion for a teacher. He does this profession not under pressure, but with the inspiration of the soul. - Thiruvalluvar

Teachers create questions in our minds and then they become the answer to those questions. We have learned that teachers teach us, but learning is the most natural thing. Teachers cherish our ability to learn. They tell us what to learn, how much to learn, and why. - Maria Montessori

You have to move from the inside out. no one can teach you, no one can teach you
cannot be spiritual. Only your soul can do this work. There is no other teacher than your own soul. The teacher is the custodian of your soul. And that is what awakens your soul. - Swami Vivekananda

The teacher has taught that if you walk with two other people, treat them both as your teacher. I will choose one's good things and imitate them. I will see others' bad things and shortcomings and try to avoid them. I will remove these shortcomings from myself. - Confucius

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