Maa Durga is coming riding on an elephant in Shardiya Navratri! - [2022]

Do you know that according to Hindu beliefs, Maa Durga changes her mode of transport? Apart from the lion, there are four other vehicles of Goddess Durga, which include an elephant, horse, boat, and palanquin. Goddess Durga uses different vehicles for her arrival and departure on Earth. It is believed that her arrival and departure on the same ride indicate upheaval, natural calamities, wars, and social unrest, which may lead to a state of distress among mankind.

Shardiya navratri 2022 ki hardik shubhkamnaye

Maa Durga is coming riding on an elephant in Shardiya Navratri! - [2022]

Reason why Maa Durga is coming riding on an elephant in Shardiya Navratri!

Such a description is found in the scriptures that if Navratri is starting on Monday and Sunday, then the mother comes riding on an elephant. If Navratri starts on Saturday and Tuesday, then Mother Durga arrives on a horse. When Navratri begins on Wednesday, the vehicle of Maa Durga is a boat. If Navratri starts on Thursday and Friday, then Maa Durga comes riding on a Palanquin(doli).

This year 2022 Shardiya Navratri is very special. The arrival of Maa Durga is happening on an elephant this year.


The elephant, the vehicle of Goddess Durga, indicates peace and prosperity, so the arrival or departure of Goddess Durga on this vehicle means that Maa Durga will fill your life with good deeds, blessings, hard work, and happiness.


Boats are a means of water transport and when Goddess Durga comes on the boat, it signifies rain and good harvest, it represents both. The arrival or departure of Maa Durga on this vehicle means that she will provide you with everything you need.


It represents four people carrying one person on their lap. Here it means an outbreak of epidemic. The arrival or departure of Goddess Durga from this vehicle explains the possibility of an epidemic situation in the country.


According to Hindu scriptures, the vehicle of Goddess Durga coming on a horse means it will bring danger to mankind. This is a dangerous signal. It represents destruction.

The ride and signs of Maa Durga's departure in Navratri:-

When Navratri is ending on Sunday and Monday, then Maa Durga goes on a buffalo ride. This means that there may or will be an increase in suffering and disease in our country and the world. At the end of Navratri on Saturday and Tuesday, Mother Jagdambe rides on a chicken. If the mother rides a rooster, it indicates an increase in sorrow and pain. On Wednesdays and Fridays when Navratri ends, the mother returns on an elephant, indicating more rain. According to religious belief, if Navratri is ending on Thursday, then Maa Durga rides on a human which indicates the growth of happiness and peace.

The Importance of Temples during Shardiya Navratri

As we all know, Shardiya Navratri is a time when Maa Durga is believed to come down to Earth and bless her devotees. One of the best ways to receive her blessings is by visiting a temple dedicated to her during this holy period.

There are many temples all over India that are known to be particularly special during Navratri. If you're able to make the pilgrimage to one of these temples, you're sure to have a very memorable and blessed experience.

Some of the most well-known temples to visit during Shardiya Navratri include the Kamakshi Amman Temple in Kanchipuram, the Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Temple in Madurai, and the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai. Of course, there are many other wonderful temples all over the country that you can visit as well.

No matter which temple you choose to visit, remember that the most important thing is to have faith in Maa Durga and believe that she will bless you with whatever you desire.

What to do after you have worshipped Maa Durga?

After you have worshipped Maa Durga, it is important to complete some aarti and puja rituals. You can also distribute food to the needy and perform charity work in her name. By doing this, you will please Maa Durga and be blessed with her divine grace.


Maa Durga is coming soon, and we can't wait to celebrate her arrival! Shardiya Navratri is the perfect time to worship her and seek her blessings. We hope you enjoy celebrating Maa Durga's arrival with your loved ones, and may she bless you with all that you desire.

Maa Durga is coming riding on an elephant in Shardiya Navratri! - [2022] - Youtube Video

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