Make your own rules and make your own decisions: Lessons from the Bestseller James Aldusher

James Altusher's book, Choose Yourself, puts before readers a new perspective on the changing job market. "Whether you make your own decisions or let someone else decide for you, that's the difference between success and failure," he said.

Make your own rules and make your own decisions: Lessons from the Bestseller James Aldusher

Make your own rules and make your own decisions

Choose your own path.

In the 1950s, when American women went out to work in greater numbers, they had money in their hands, but now they did not have much time for home and the kitchen. This gave a boost to the processed food industry. At that time, subjects like home economics and home science were taught in schools. They gradually faded away. A lot of things change over time, and most of all, the job market changes. All the work we are doing towards the end of traditional jokes can either be outsourced or done with technology. In such a situation, do not join the sheep race; choose your path.

How did the American Dream come to be? 

In the world, the middle-class dream is seen as a metaphor for the American dream, in which working parents maintain the good lifestyle of a nuclear family. The Great Depression of 2008 burst the balloon of this American team. In the era of baby boomers, the idea was to study well, get a good job, and have a good life. That era is over.

Take control of your dreams.

This is the era of entrepreneurship, start-ups, and creativity. The same qualities are going to be emphasized in traditional jobs. What should you do if your fancy college degree is getting you more and more into McDonald's? The answer is simple: The only person who can control your dreams should be yourself, no one else.

The comfort zone is fear.

If financial freedom is your dream, then you need to control your income and time. Why don't we do that? Because we are afraid and look for a permanent job. But it means giving others the right to decide for you.

The beginning of self-selection

If you're sleeping well, eating well, exercising, or taking long walks, and making it a habit to write down your good or bad thoughts every day, you've made strides toward mental, physical, and emotional health. Choosing yourself also starts with this discipline. This power comes from within you, and you have to use it yourself. 

How are you today?

Choose yourself, i.e., leave the idea of a traditional career, take the decisions of your life into your own hands, and set your own rules. To do this, develop good habits and give your life direction. Remember that how you are today can accurately predict what your future will be like.


The best-selling book "James Aldusher" concludes with a salient lesson that applies to all of us: the value of setting our own rules and making our own choices in life. It serves as a reminder that we have the power to control our destinies, reject conformity, and create our own pathways to happiness. Remarkable accomplishments might result from embracing our uniqueness and believing in our instincts. So let's be motivated by this knowledge and dare to chart our own paths, governed by our own laws and empowered by our own judgments.

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