How to Plan your Dubai Trip on own from India

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How to Plan your Dubai Trip on own from India

As a destination Dubai is a bit of luxury, tradition, and culture, so if you want a trip that's a good mix of these elements.  By the way, the best place and time to visit is between the months of November to March. This is when the weather is pleasant and it's not as hot as the other months.

Now let's start out all the travel details beginning with flights, Dubai is a very well-connected city you can fly directly in from many countries as well as from India. It's just about three and a half hours the flight there are plenty of direct flights available. You can choose the option that suits you best as for timing and price flights from Mumbai or Delhi can cost you anywhere upwards of rupees sixteen to seventeen thousand approx. But according to my opinion the sooner you book the better deal you get so I would suggest booking about three to four months in advance if possible Sometimes you also get good last-minute deals, but as I said sometimes on my last trip to Dubai. I traveled to Emirates and that flight cost me approximately rupees twenty thousand in return.

Next, let's get to visa requirements if you are a British or an American citizen then you can get a visa on arrival. Even if you are an Indian citizen with a valid visa document then you can get your visa on arrival. You need to head to the Merkabah counter after disembarking at the bye Airport and pay about 120 Dirhams which is approximately 2,300 rupees and get your visa valid for 14 days.  This visa is enough if you are a tourist if you don't have a US visa then you can apply for a regular visa from India usually this visa can take about seven to fourteen working days to get processed.

The charges for A 14-day visa are rupees five thousand six hundred and ninety with the flight and visa. Your current cost trip is approximately upwards of rupees 21,000 up to 30,000 depending on the kind of flight you've picked up.  Once your visa is sorted it's time to plan your stay both older and new.

You can stay in hotels and apartment options but I find the ones in the older buy area to be a bit more reasonably priced the hotel, I stayed in was a majestic city retreat in the Hmong cool area. It was quite a comfortable place which cost me approximately rupees 4200 per night for a room for two days and it did not include any meals. It was close to the Alpha heavy and was a German metro station about a 10 to 15-minute walk for both. it was also quite convenient for you because I used to take the metro to travel to and from I would definitely advise you.

To pick your stay close to a train station makes traveling around the by really simple. The buy is very well connected in terms of internal transport whether it's taxis Metro or public buses. You can choose your mode of transport depending on your budget. I personally use the Metro here the most it got me around to all the malls and tourist places very easily. You must remember to get the No Good card when in Dubai to make your traveling super easy. It can be used on metros and buses coming to things to do in Dubai if the shopping place tops the list then make sure you try to plan your trip around the bi-national day which is on 2nd December.

Usually, this is a three to four-day holiday here along with lots of sales in all the malls or you can also plan around them by the Shopping festival which is usually from December to January. Every or during this time brands independent outlets go on sale. You can end up buying really good stuff at massive discount boys here have a good mix of luxury and high street brands and you can take your pick. The most visited mall in the buy is the Dubai Mall. It is packed with tourists on most days. It is actually the largest mall in the world, while another buy mall doesn't miss these attractions human waterfalls the aquarium which is free to view from outside.

Dancing fountains

These Dancing fountains are inspired by the Bellagio in Vegas and happen every evening also Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world is right here at the Dubai Mall. You can see from the outside for free or you can get a ticket to experience. What it's like being on the hundred and twenty-fifth floor of other malls. You can see here are the Mall of Emirates also has Ski Dubai even Battuta Mall. Which is a very interesting structure and mode of the city center? These are all well-connected by the metro, you can also enjoy the marina when in Dubai Marina walk is very lively.

Dubai Marina speedboat ride

You can take a speedboat ride here and enjoy the stunning views. You can also take the monorail and head to Palm Jumeirah a palm-shaped island in the bye spend some time wandering around the Atlantis another well-known hotel. Here you can check out my video of spending a day at the marina and visiting Palm Jumeirah. 

Dubai souks

I've mentioned it in the article below. Lots of beaches Jumeirah kite beach and so many more you could soak up. The Sun, water, and sand are there but if you want to experience them. Desert sand then head for an Arabian desert safari one experience that I recommend you to have in the buy is that of visiting the old Dubai souks and taking an abra ride this will seem like a very different side to Dubai, but it will give you a feel of old. In the cultural part of the buy, you can buy spices and gold and even beautiful fabric. I have a detailed video about this including the one theorem Abra ride to the gold souk and the spice souk.

Indian vegetarian food

You can check it out it is linked in the description bar below in terms of food there are plenty of options whether it's global chains or Indian restaurants' street food. There is something for everyone here if you're looking for Indian vegetarian food. The Bird Dubai area is great and there are a lot of places. Therefore good Lebanese food as well which is actually quite affordably priced. Here you can check the list that I mentioned below.

Some List of Emirati cuisine that makes you crazy:

Al Jabba bread, Camel meat, Dates, Fish, Kabsa, Maqluba, Shuwaa, Khabees, Harees, Aside, Khamir, Bread, Machboos, Beverages

Traditional Arabic tea in Dubai(UAE)

Camel milk, Soft drinks, Tea, Water, Juice, Laban, and Arabic coffee.

You'll find a lot more things to do in the by which you can decide the basis of your budget and interest basically for your flight for your visa. I think you should keep about 30 to 50 thousand depending on the duration of the flight. You pick and this will be a bare minimum budget for the trip and experiences. Whether you decide to take over and above will decide how expensive your trip is. Gets so things like skydiving in the by going to the Volt's Khalifa, these are gonna set your budget pretty high. Here are some Dubai visa types which you can select during the Dubai trip. You can get a visa easily with the help of a Visa provider agency.

Visa type
Approximate Price 
48 hours                              
4 days from arrival date
Tourist – short-term (single entry)    
30 days from arrival date      
Tourist – short-term (multiple entries)               
30 days from first entry
Extendable US$230
Tourist – long-term (single entry)    
90 days from arrival date      
Extendable US$230
Tourist – long-term (multiple entries)               
90 days from first entry
Extendable US$230

Even for food, you will find a load of reasonable eating options here especially if you'd reopen trying out the local street food then you can settle down for a much lesser food price but as I said before. All of these experiences define how expensive or how affordable. Your trip is getting hopefully all of these tips will help you have an awesome time in the buy I would recommend a minimum of three to four days for a vacation. Here to enjoy the place and also unwind a little if you found this article helpful.

Here below are some top destination places where you’ve to visit and enjoy your holiday.

1. Burj Khalifa - Official site:
2. Dubai Mall - Official site:
3. Dubai Museum
4. Bastakia (Old Dubai)
5. Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House
6. Dubai Creek & Al Seef District
7. Jumeirah Mosque
8. Deira
9. Dubai Frame - Official Site:
10. Sheikh Zayed Road
11. Heritage and Diving Village
12. Dubai Aquarium - Official site:
13. Burj al-Arab
14. Jumeirah Beach
15. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary - Official Site:
16. Crossroads of Civilizations Museum
17. Mall of the Emirates - Official site:
18. IMG Worlds of Adventure - Official site:
19. Dubai Opera - Official site:
20. Kite Beach
21. Alserkal Art District
22. Dubai Parks and Resorts - Official site:
23. Aquaventure Waterpark - Official site:
24. Dubai Miracle Garden - Official site:
25. Dubai Butterfly Garden
26. Bollywood Parks Dubai
27. Motiongate Dubai
28. Global Village Dubai
29. Hot Air Ballon ride
30. Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

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