Five Exciting outdoor adventures you must try in California

If you want to list some of the best tourist-friendly places in the USA, California will surely be one of the topmost options for you. The country is known for its diversified tourist attractions, both indoor and outdoor.

Five Exciting outdoor adventures you must try in California

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Are you planning to visit California shortly? If yes, check these 5 open-air venues for enjoying the alfresco tour in this vibrant city. You will definitely cherish your selection after visiting these 5 awesome touring options.

Redwood National and State Parks


Want to enjoy the wildlife beauty of California? If yes, you must include an outing program at Redwood National and State Parks in your itineraries.  It is a complex of multiple parks, widespread on 139,000 acres of land, and offers the immaculate opportunity to visit and enjoy the old-growth rainforests in the northern hemisphere. The spot is famous for hiking, camping, and wildlife enjoying.  The tour is ideal for a family expedition and you can book it around the year.

You can avail of free entry here: speak to your travel operator for more info. You may research online for the latest details.

Death Valley national park


The name, Death Valley National Park may evoke fear and anticipation in your mind and you may think of some decayed and somber region! Actually, it is not. It is a place with exceptional natural beauty and besides beauty, the park possesses exceptional scientific importance to exhibit. Here you will get to see awesome wildflower displays, snow-clad peaks, beautiful sand dunes, and deserted mines, etc. 

The park remains open almost round the year.  It will take more than one day, so stay prepared in advance for outstaying.

Mammoth Lakes


If azure blue water, the excitement of fishing, and serene lakeside is your hot favorite, Mammoth Lake tour in California is an ideal spot for your family excursion.  In summer months you will get to enjoy cruising, boating, shore fishing, and many more gala activities. In winter, this is an ideal place for snowboarding and skiing, etc.

Horse Riding in Klamath National Forest 

Horse Riding in Klamath National Forest


California offers exciting horse riding opportunities in the Klamath National Forest. You will get to enjoy stunning landscape beauty and adventurous mountain trail for horse-riding adventure.  There are lots of challenges in the trail and there is a mesmerizing scenic grandeur in the surrounding, which will surely make your horse-riding a life-time memory.

The good news is, you can select the ride according to your skill level and the riding venture can be enjoyed with family too.

Morro Bay kayak tours


Outdoor excursion in California is indeed colorful and Morro bay kayak tour is one of the dazzling attractions of this vivacious list of daring activities. You can book a guided tour for exciting kayaking in Morro Bay: watch sea lions, otters, harbor seals, etc. while enjoying aquatic splendor.

These are the 5 most exciting outdoor activity suggestions you should not miss to include in your California tour itineraries. However, there are more of course, but with family, these 5 outdoor tours will be surely safe and fantastic we presume. Let us know your comment about it.

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