Why should you go to Dubai for a trip after coronavirus pandemic, read this article once - maybe this article will be beneficial for you.

Hello Friends, I hope you all well and fine. Today I am going to express my view on Dubai Tour and Travel. I know no one wants to go anywhere in this coronavirus pandemic, but when this pandemic is overcome, people will definitely go somewhere else. If you want to visit Dubai, you must read this article. Many of my friends do a job in Dubai, I have taken all the information from them and am sharing it with you.

Why should you go to Dubai for a trip after coronavirus pandemic, read this article once - maybe this article will be beneficial for you.

Dubai, this is one special place where you will love to be. The land of immense possibilities. The land of architectural wonders, the land of luxury and adventure. It is one of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates. It is the commercial capital of the UAE and is also the most populous one.

Dubai has been the most favorite tourist destination for all those who are traveling to the middle east for long. Tourism is indeed a huge source of income for the government. The main factor which pulls a lot of people to Dubai is shopping indeed. The city draws a huge number of shopping tourists from countries within the region and also from Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent.

Vacation in Dubai

Vacation in Dubai

Dubai is a city that is going all the way to make itself the biggest tourist destination in the world. From man-made beaches to shopping festivals, Dubai offers a kaleidoscope of activities to gratify its visitors. Many would find it hard to believe that an arid desert land can provide such a marvelous experience. The efforts of the Dubai Government to make it bustling with tourists haven’t gone in vain. It is truly a unique destination and as they say, you have to see it to believe it.

The city of Dubai has a modern setting yet it maintains traditional values. One of the main attractions of Dubai is breathtaking architecture. One can see a variety of buildings like the modern ones in the posh localities of Dubai and the mud houses in Heritage Village which represent primitive architecture. It is home to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. The bustle in the souk’s of Dubai is never-ending. Shopping is another major attraction in Dubai. So much so a month-long festival called the ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’ brings in customers all over the world with the tax-free products that it showcases. The beaches and islands in Dubai are a class apart. The islands are man-made off the Dubai coast whereas the beaches have crystal clear water with golden colored sand. Jet skiing and snorkeling are some of the main crowd pullers here.

A holiday in Dubai cannot be limited to shopping and sightseeing alone. Apart from this, there are a variety of recreational activities that cannot be found anywhere else. Desert Safari or Dune Bashing is an activity where you can head to the desert in an SUV with specialist Desert Drivers. The driver of the Land Cruiser will take you for a ride in the ocean of sand, show you the sunset from a strategic vantage point and then take you to a lavish dinner with music and dance after the journey is complete. Wild Wadi Park and the Dubai Zoo are great places to take the kids. Golfing and Tennis are immensely popular in Dubai. For a change, you can try out sand golfing in the desert.

If you don’t want to strain yourself choosing the right places to visit, the best option is to go for a holiday package. A holiday package arranges everything from your air tickets to the hotel to commuting within the city. There are a variety of attractive holiday packages available to Dubai.

Coast of Dubai

Coast of Dubai

There are a lot of places in Dubai that will just take away your breath. Long sandy beaches with clear blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, championship golf courses, spectacular desert and mountain landscapes enough for giving you an adventurous trip and lot more.

Dubai has indeed become the ultimate tourist destination in the whole Middle East. It is a place of a rare mix of ages where modern sophistication meets in a fascinating blend of old and new.

When saying about Dubai, it's never complete without mentioning the only seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab and the world’s highest tennis court which rests on top of Burj Al Arab. The hotel rests on an artificial island that is constructed 280m offshore. This hotel 321m high it is the fourth tallest hotel in the world.

Dubai will be undoubtedly a perfect stop for your honeymoon. A memorable, amazing, romantic, and diverse cultured city surrounded by desert and the coast of the Gulf of Oman, Dubai is indeed a place with high raising skyscrapers, ancient mosques, different souks and malls, and a lot of luxurious hotels which are just waiting for the honeymoon couples. The best time for having a honeymoon there is between October and April when the city’s hot temperature is coming down and a romantic weather atmosphere is created.

Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving in Dubai

The art of skydiving started in the year 1797 by Andre-Jacques Garnerin was the pioneer in jumping from a hot air balloon. Skydiving is a kind of parachuting where you go high up in the air leaving earth and landing back on earth. This landing action is done with the help of a parachute.

Skydiving started at first with the aim of military procedures to safeguard the forces and also to help the soldiers to reach the war zone. These parachutes are kept in the airplanes for emergency purposes. Parachuting can be called as a sporting activity or even a competitive or fun-filled sport.

You cannot consider skydiving as an easy or life guaranteed sport. This can be so dangerous and can cause injuries or even death. First, you reach a height of about 10,000 ft than from that height you dive at about maybe 220kmph down to earth. This itself increases your hormonal activities as there will be an increase in adrenaline as you get very excited about the fun.

Skydiving in Dubai is the most breathtaking experience you ever feel. At times when you go for skydiving in UAE in Umm Al Quwain Aeroclub, you may even get the sight of the largest and the tallest hotel in Dubai, the Burj as about 10,000 ft underneath you.

You engage in all risky and adventurous activities when you are on your vacation mood. Dubai is the best place for getting the thrilling skydiving experience. The most exciting place in  Palm Jumeriah, Dubai where you really get your adrenaline dropping from heights. Skydiving in Dubai is organized by Dreamdays. You don’t have to be trained in this as there are supervisors to guard you. The safest jump can be tandem jumps which are really exciting and carefree jumps.

Try to get the Tandem package under discounted rates during the time of Dubai shopping festival as they are the only skydiving people in Dubai.

Deep-Sea Fishing in Dubai

Deep-Sea Fishing in Dubai

Dubai is a world-class destination for deep-sea fishing activities with the Arabian Gulf offering fun fishing experience with voracious game fish. Avid fishing enthusiasts from across the world testify to the fact that deep sea fishing in Dubai, which is one of the largest sailfish destinations in the world is an extremely fun and relaxing activity to do in Dubai.

The warm waters of the Gulf are abundant with fish life and it is an apt fishing destination in both winter and summer with its clear waters and excellent visibility. Along with the abundant sailfish, the other types of fishes that can be caught ashore Dubai are queenfish, kingfish, long tail tuna, dolphin, bonito, barracuda, and more.

Deep-Sea Fishing welcomes you and your friends for a lifetime experience of deep-sea fishing in Dubai. You can contact Best Tour and travel companies like Rayna to know more about fishing in Dubai. They also arrange luxury yachts charters and boats for rent in Dubai.

Nightlife in Dubai

Nightlife in Dubai

Like most cities, Dubai is more vibrant during the night. There are a host of nightclubs to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. However, tourists should remember that Dubai is an Islamic city. Thus, there are strict laws governing their nightlife. Liquor is not easily available in Dubai. There is a liquor permit issued for residence visa holders. If you are a visitor you have to go to a Dubai nightclub or to a bar in a hotel to get liquor under some circumstances. Liquor is expensive in Dubai, especially in nightclubs and hotels. It would be best to buy liquor from the Duty-Free shop at Dubai Airport. There are no bars due to religious reasons. If drinking is a vital part of your routine then you will have to conjure up ways to get alcohol.

Cover charge is almost inevitable in any night club. It comes up to AED 50-100approx) for normal entry which sometimes includes a drink or two. In most clubs the entry for women in free. Certain clubs also have free entry on weeknights. On DJ nights the entry charges are around AED 100 – 200(approx).

Like most countries, entry for women and couples is hassle-free. During the holy month of Ramadan, you may be asked what religion you are. Govt. of U.A.E declared that Muslims are not allowed to enter Dubai nightclubs and bars. Some of the popular clubs in Dubai are

  • 360° located in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.
  • Scarlette is located at Emirates Towers.
  • Sho Cho in Jumeirah Beach Road is known for its music.
  • Zinc located in the Crown Plaza Dubai has a stand up comedy as an entertainment solution.
  • Barasti Bar at the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Resort.
  • Buddha-Bar in Grosvenor house.

Night clubs are allowed to function till 3 A.M., beyond which strict penalties are imposed. The Clubs also follow a strict dress code. Girls can pretty much get away with anything they wear. Men are supposed to wear formal shoes and shorts are not allowed. The weekend starts on Thursday so the clubs are bustling with people on this day. Dubai is considered one of the best and safest cities for partying, Extravagant yet classy!

Arabian Adventure Tours in Dubai

Arabian Adventure Tours in Dubai

Mountain Climbing has been in observing since the 1970s. Since then the fervor for it has elevated. The climbing wall within the Wafi pyramids has been attracting fans from everywhere in the world. In case you’ve by no means skydived earlier than and wish to attempt it, then an introductory Tandem Soar is what you need to do in Dubai. The Tandem leap is the simplest and most enjoyable solution to expertise the fun of a skydive for first-timers. It may be finished on the Umm Al Quwain aeroclub or the dream days which has distinctive drop zones on this a part of the world like over the Palm Jumeirah.

The cool placid waters of the Arabian sea had been as soon as enticing to pearl divers, now it has to turn out to be a wonderful vacationer attraction. The clear waters make it extra inviting. Scuba Diving is among the wanted Water Sports activities in Dubai. Scuba Diving will be finished all year long within the crystal clear waters of the Gulf untouched by air pollution. Water depth ranges from 5 m to 30 m and unique marine life, charming coral reefs and wrecks will be found simply off the Jumeirah shoreline. This makes the waterfront good for snorkeling. The Emirates Diving Federation, a non-profit group gives vacationers with diving gear and varieties of gear and in addition, takes diving lessons and demonstrations. Most accommodations and golf equipment in Dubai have open swimming pools, rooftop swimming pools, and heated swimming pools. Cruising is one other fashionable Water Sport for the reason that situations are nearly good with minimal water currents within the Gulf. Beginner surfers can benefit from the water as nicely.

Go Karting in Dubai is an exercise adored by an enormous variety of vacationers. Dubai is house to the Center East’s first fully-equipped indoor go-kart facility at ‘Formula One’. Unfold throughout 40,000 sq. toes, this air-conditioned space is one of the best places to go Karting in Dubai. Wadi and Dune bashing is sort of comparable. Wadis are dry riverbeds that observe the course of seasonal streams flowing via rocky valleys. Wadi bashing in Dubai is all about using via wadis in a four-wheeler whereas dune bashing is finished the identical approach via the sand dunes.

Water Sports in Dubai

Water Sports in Dubai

The climate in Dubai makes water sports a very popular way to cool off. Travelers keep this at the top of their to-do list. The calm and warm waters of the Dubai Coast has contributed to water sports and made it a sought after recreational activity. Water sports is a must-do if you’re in Dubai especially because of the alluring clear and shallow water which makes it safe for everyone.

The Wild Wadi Water Park is the main area only for water sports in Dubai. Rides are open 24 hours a day and the place is safe for both children and adults. There are different types of water rides which are sure to thrill you all the way. The crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf are home to innumerable species of fishes and thus the biggest support for the fishing industry in Dubai. It is the easiest and most favorite water sports Dubai has to offer. Being a fishers paradise, it is recognized as one of the biggest sailfish destinations in the world. Water Skiing gives tourists a chance to feel the caress of the gentle waters, and sea breeze. Dubai Creek is one of the most favorite destinations. It is where the overseas trading in Dubai flourished. Now, it serves as an excellent area for a dinner cruise or a private boat ride.

Getting a little more adventurous, scuba diving is something you should not miss. There are many private tour operators providing training and necessary pieces of equipment for the enjoyment of this water sport in Dubai. While scuba diving, you’ll come across diverse sea life, so check your equipment before venturing into the sea. Another activity which is famous due to the shallow waters is snorkeling. Crab hunting and pearl diving are activities unique to the coasts of Dubai. Pearl diving forms a part of the ancient tradition.

Sailing, a very important part of the maritime tradition in Dubai. The Sailing clubs in Dubai provide all the luxurious facilities to the travelers while they sail across the Arabian Gulf. Ships are set with navigators and wireless Internet makes this a memorable activity.

Buying Gold in Dubai

Buying Gold in Dubai

In Dubai, the gold market is known as The Gold Souk. There are a number of shops within this area that sell gold jewelry. The most amazing fact about this place is that you will never be able to see such a large congregation of gold jewelry anywhere else in the world. Usually, the souks are crowded, you will find that there is very little security for the gold shops in this place which is astonishing. It is best to visit during the evening time. You may find yourself lost in the vast collection of jewels leaving you indecisive. So, be sure to enable plenty of time for this.

In Dubai, Gold prices are the cheapest, this is the main factor drawing tourists to purchase gold in Dubai. There are two gold markets in Dubai. The Old and New Gold Souk, which are adjacent to each other. Buying gold is a risky affair, especially from a country that you’re visiting for the first time. The thing to remember is that jewelry design is the same in most of the shops, but you might get a good deal depending on the shops. It is essential to keep a few things in mind before buying gold in Dubai.

Remember to always bargain. It is a natural tendency for shop keepers to hike up prices when tourists come to buy. So bargain for a lower price, chances are that you can end up buying it for almost 20% less by bargaining. Don’t buy jewelry instantly. Since it is an investment, it is wise to always check the rates in different shops and then arrive at a conclusion. Also, the Shimmer of the gold may differ outside and inside the shop at night, so check it in daylight as well. Make sure you get the necessary documents that support the authenticity of the gold. Usually, credit card payments are charged extra. While weighing the gold keep a watch, there are ways in which it can be manipulated. Don’t mix up your own jewelry with the ones in the shop while you’re trying them on. With all these things in mind, gold shopping in Dubai should be a cinch.

Dubai Girl Fashions

Dubai Girl Fashions

Dubai is one of the most highly developed cities in the United The Arab Emirates. Although, Its development into a global city has not let it forget its ancient values. The culture in the city is deeply rooted in Islam. Their religion governs their way of life from what they eat to what they wear. As per Islamic tradition, women are required to dress very modestly. In Dubai, you can see women wear long dresses called ‘abaya’ and a headscarf called ‘Sheilah’. This dress is sometimes known as ‘burqa’ and their faces are covered by what is known as a ‘niqab’. Women in Dubai are known to shop for designer clothing from abroad. They have also found ways in which they can make their ‘abaya’ look fashionable with a varied use of color, open neck, and slightly exposed shoulders.

Blessed with natural beauty, the women of Dubai are known to adapt to the changing fashion trends. Even though they are caught by the shackles of religion, they find ways to be more trendy even with their limited options. At home, they dress more like princesses with short-sleeved or sleeveless clothes. They are known to splurge of expensive jewelry with Swarovski crystals and gold. Dubai used to be a highly patriarchal city. Men ran the family and women had little say in the dealings of the house. They were expected to stay at home to take care of the children. Some families even had rules where women were not to be seen by anyone outside. That is they were confined to the house. In 1971, the UAE constitutional amendment gave women equal rights. They were allowed to get an education and practice a career of their choice. They were also treated as a part of society and were given the freedom to enjoy their benefits.

Now, women are not only enjoying their social freedom but also exercising the freedom to express themselves through their clothes. Women in Dubai today are known to wear high profile designer clothing under their ‘abaya’ for social gatherings and while in public. Women from the west who are living in Dubai are following the conservative rules to respect the culture of the land. Even though they’re not required to wear traditional clothes, they have to wear clothes which are not too revealing. This is especially for women who move around in populated public areas.

Prominent malls in Dubai

Dubai Girl Fashions

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping malls in terms of total area. It forms a part of the Burj Khalifa complex and has about 1200 shops. The main attraction in this mall is that it has an underwater zoo and loads of entertainment areas!

Deira City Centre is located opposite to the Creek Golf and Yacht Club. It is open from 10:00 AM to midnight on weekdays and from 2 p.m to midnight on Friday. It is the only mall that is open for such long hours in Dubai and is often crowded till it closes down. Since its inception in 2005, it offers a range of shopping, leisure, and entertainment.

Dubai Festival City located in Dubai Creek was constructed in 2005. It has 116 retail shops, a collection of cafes and eateries, four floors of parking with 2000 spaces, a ‘Waitrose’ Supermarket, a children’s play area, a six-screen cinema, and an attached hotel, everything a shopaholic could ask for is right here!

The feature that makes malls in Dubai a great place for shopping is the fact that it is duty-free which means low or mostly no duties or tariffs imposed on foreign products. Many international designer outlets can be found here. Major branded products are often found less expensive in Dubai than in their country of origin. They are also a relief from the blistering heat as they are fully air-conditioned. Dubai is often nicknamed as the shopping capital of the middle-east and also the fashion capital. Most malls are open till 10:00 PM.

Places for Shopping in Dubai

Places for Shopping in Dubai

A shoppers dream come true, Dubai is right up there in any shoppers list of places to visit. For them to have a separate festival just for shopping means they have something there which people would like to buy. With the variety of malls and shops to choose from, shopping seems like a national pastime here. It may sound ridiculous to some that the city is so dedicated to making itself a shoppers paradise. In spite of there being nearly 80 malls, many more of underway. As a tourist, if you are coming to Dubai make sure you have enough bags to carry the shopped goods back to your country.

Dubai just spoils you with choices when it comes to shopping. Known for designer goods and electronics, the city has much to offer to a shopaholic. The best thing is you can either go for the contemporary way of shopping to the malls or even go back in time to the days when small shops were popular. Malls are a great place to do some quality shopping, everything and anything is available there. They are comfortable places to max out your credit cards. Fully air-conditioned they are also a great way to beat the heat. They also provide indoor entertainment. The biggest mall in the world, The Dubai Mall has an underwater zoo and play zones for kids. It is situated next to the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower. The show stopper in this mall is the Bloomingdale’s outlet, which is the only one outside the USA. It has an indoor ice rink and cinema theatres. The Mall of Emirates is another must-stop shopping area. Even though it stands at a close second, this mall is well known for its inbuilt ski slope. The mall has various high-end designer outlets. It also houses a kids arcade and a multiplex. Other malls to visit are Dubai Festival City, Deira City Centre, etc.

Most of Dubai’s malls are open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Even though the city is liberal certain rules should be followed in public areas like dressing decently. Another thing to follow is you should not eat in public places during the holy month of Ramadan.

There are several Arabian-style souks which are the areas where consumerism is at its peak. The notable souks in town are Gold Souk, the Spice Souk and Textile Souk. The Gold Souk located in Deira is the best place to find a variety of gold and diamond jewelry. The Spice Souk is five minutes away from the Gold Souk in Deira. The allure of fresh spices will not let you leave the place without buying something. The Textile Souk is the best place to buy lush silks fabrics that the Middle East is famous for. If you are visiting Dubai with the sole purpose of shopping then do it during the month of January when the Dubai Shopping Festival happens.

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