WordPress is website designing easy platform - Must know the interesting facts

Setting up a website with sleek and dazzling features, while keeping it responsive at the same time, is something every developer and even the owner of the website desires. WordPress astutely delivers what is demanded. The custom WordPress development services are framed to support you in setting up a website that is in harmony with how you imagine it to look and function. Managing content on the website customized by the user becomes a piece of cake. We have a distinct approach to assisting our clients and this method is backed by firm strategies and experts of our WordPress development team. 

WordPress is website designing easy platform - Must know the interesting facts

WordPress is a website designing easy platform - Read here

We are here to deliver you and give you complete control over your website's design and development. Our custom WordPress development services will assist your website to make a strong and appealing impact. The services include developing plugins for different features, themes, multi-faceted WordPress themes, and WordPress templates, optimizing the SEO of the website, and making it more responsive across different platforms. Based on how you wish to design, to be decorative and full of fuzz, or if you want it to be minimal yet impactful, our developers offer you that adaptability and enable you to add that vital liveliness to your website’s design and aura.

You can consider below major services in the WordPress domain:

  • Custom feature development
  • Theme development
  • Plugin development
  • Upgrade service
  • Flexibility

WordPress website tools

Does WordPress intimidate you, everyone gets intimidated without knowledge even earlier. I would have been ecstatic to have a resource such as this, with just about any and everything you need to know to succeed with a dynamic, beautiful, and most importantly FOUND WordPress site.

I remember those days…Do you? That just the thought of learning WordPress turned my stomach upside down. And if my memory serves me (and these days that might be debatable) It seemed like I would break out into a cold sweat. My pulse would start racing. It was all so confusing compared to my cute little Coffee Cup visual site designer program that I finally learned how to put up a website. And it was extremely daunting and a bit overwhelming (understatement).

But somehow I finally gathered up the courage to leap off the cliff into the ocean that is the wonderful world of WordPress. I had no idea what I was doing, but after a bit of research here and a bit there, I finally cobbled together a WordPress site. Not optimized or anything mind you. Didn’t even know what a plug-in was or the power of what a WordPress plug-in could actually do. What was the setting? And what should it have been set to? Talk about overwhelmed…And don’t get me started on permalinks…you have no idea!

How about you? Does WordPress scare you? Does it seem like it is just too much to learn to make a go of it without having a nervous breakdown in the process., Or is it just plain stubborn refusal to learn something new, no matter what it took or how long? I totally hear you! I was there once too. But do you want to know a little secret? I got a site up with no idea what I was doing and…

Amazingly enough…and through no strategizing and implementing on my own, my WordPress site actually started to get a bit of traffic and became quite the little authority in its natural health niche. I even managed to get a page rank of 4 back in the day (2010) with absolutely no idea of what I was doing (Imagine what could have been possible if I had had a little guidance).

At that time, I was more interested in having a WordPress blog and using it to save the world, instead of trying to earn a living at it. Never occurred to me at the time that you could actually do both…make an impact on the world, give way more than good value, and actually be compensated for helping others. Like I said…I had no idea what I was doing.

Then…one day I logged into my site and I experienced the most intense sense of violation. Imagine yourself coming home one day and finding that someone broke into your house and trashed the place. Then they ran off with your dream while actually threatening your life. Well, that is what happened to me. And it actually could happen to you too if you don’t know how to protect yourself from online cyber hackers. It was very scary and unsettling, to say the least. And so insidious that even with the help of my experienced host, we still weren’t able to annihilate the creeps. I ended up having to murder my site and start all over fresh.  A lot was lost, but in the process somehow, I decided that I would learn a lot more about WordPress so that I could lay a better, more stable foundation. In fact, I learned so much that I decided to help others avoid what I went through.

WordPress Website Tools will show you step by step: 

WordPress Website Tools

  • How to install WordPress easily?
  • How to configure it so that it behaves and does what you want it to do?
  • How to have certain attributes?
  • How to tweak code and make it look pretty and just so?
  • How to be search engine friendly…which by the way basically means?
  • How to bulk FTP stuff?
  • How to optimize images and videos?
  • How to make sure that all your settings are correct?
  • And just about everything in between you can imagine.

And last but not least…how to protect your WordPress site from evil hackers.  

So…all this didn’t happen instantly (as my Mother always said…Rome wasn’t built in a day). In fact, in those days I had to learn how to lay the groundwork before I could even consider building again. The process took over a couple of years of learning in between extreme life.

I don't want you to go through the trouble. I would have felt like I died and went to heaven if I just had someone or some resource that could have put all my learning in one orderly systematic fashion that I could follow. Then I could have accomplished in a short amount of time, what took me over two years at the very least to learn. 

WordPress plugin

Log-related WordPress plugin

Log-related WordPress plugin

WordPress plugins related to logs are related to logs first: WP Related Posts, which can generate a list of related logs through tags to make your website more sticky.

The second thing I think must be installed is: A WordPress article directory plugin, WordPress article directory plugin adds an article directory on the right side of the log, to make the entire log easier to navigate, readers can also know the approximate of this article before reading, In addition, it also helps to enhance the website SEO, because Google can index internal anchor links.

The third one is the WordPress Mood Comment Plugin. WordPress Mood Comment Plugin allows blog readers to express their feelings about the current article without comment, and it is very convenient. This meets the reader’s need for quick comments. The author can also use this to know how his article feels to the user and make further improvements.

The fourth is the Post Type Switcher. If you use multiple custom log types like me, you need to switch between them. It is recommended that you use this plugin.

Message-related WordPress plugin

Message-related plug-ins I think it’s enough to install this social comment plug-in. It can provide Sina Weibo, QQ, Renren, Kaixin, Douban, NetEase Weibo, Sohu Weibo, Baidu, etc. for your WordPress blog. Multi-account login and comment function to help you build a more active and interactive comment platform. With more talk about this social comment plugin, there is no need to install any plugins related to basic messages, and the entire website is more efficient and interactive.

Statistics related to WordPress plugins

Statistics-related plugins, the first recommendation: PostViews, PostViews can only count the number of log views and generate popular logs based on this, I also wrote a small plug-in based on this plug-in: how to display the number of log views in the WordPress background.

If browsing the logs alone does not meet your statistical needs, it is recommended that you install Analytics360, which allows you to view Google Analytics statistics in the WordPress background.

The last one is: the social sharing WordPress plugin, The social sharing WordPress plugin integrates the current major domestic social sharing buttons and is deeply integrated with Google Analytics, you can view the statistics of social sharing button clicks in Google Analytics, as well as social network sources Traffic.

Database-related WordPress plugin

Database optimization: Optimize DB, directly optimize, and organize MySQL data tables in the WordPress background.

Database backup: WordPress Database Backup, allows you to regularly backup the blog database.

WordPress cache plugin

Since my server is MediaTemple's VPS and supports self-management and installation of components, use Memcached + BatCache. If your server does not support it, it is recommended to use WP Super Cache. This is the best WordPress static cache plugin, which effectively reduces Your server load, and increases blog response speed.

SEO-related WordPress plugin

So many users are currently using: Google XML Sitemaps, which can generate blog sitemap.xml tools so that your logs are faster and better included by search engines.

Thank you for reading my blog article, I will soon publish more articles on WordPress and Digital Marketing.

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