Do you want to be more productive and progressive on your computer?

There is good news! There are some things you can do that lets you get more done in less time. You’ll be amazed at how easy these strategies are, how Little some of them have to do with your computer and how much they have to do with the Organization!. 


Here Are some points of Top Five Computer Tips To Get More Done In Less Time:

1. De-clutter

One of the simplest computer strategies is to always keep your workspace clean. When most of us think of our computer, we understand the machine from a real point of view, but do you know that the place where you work with your computer is very clean and neat?

When you keep your computing space clean, clean, and well-organized, you will see that you are able to do more work than before, that too under stress, because it does not stop you from working "one way", but you become more productive. Is

De-cluttering has an easy meaning, removing old software and files that are taking up too much space on your computer. You will be surprised to know how fast your machine will feel when you clean all the junk files, icons, and folders from your computer!. These five computer tips to get more done in less time after your good computer habits.

Some De-clutter rules for smooth computing
  • Always keep folders and files organized to easily delete external drives.
  • Routinely go to the recycle bin and clean it regularly.
  • Once you have seen the movies, delete the file with a large file size.
  • Try to keep the file in your file share or cloud system.
  • Set an auto-archive on your email by going to Email Settings.
  • Clean the Internet cache regularly.
2. Run anti-virus software every day

One very important thing is that viruses can very slow or damage our desktops and laptops. Obviously, if your computer becomes slow and unresponsive, you will lose your precious time during your workday.

Running a good full version anti-virus software will help you to ensure that your computer is running at its best and at a good speed, so you don't lose speed by waiting for a document to open.

Another advantage of installing anti-virus is that you can prevent things like your hard drive crashes and data loss. So keep anti-virus software on your PC and if you have free time, then scan your computer.

3. Organize

If you pay little attention, it can be very effective, because of your right decision tool strategy is to organize your files and folders in a way, everything is at your fingertips when you need them. In this way, you can easily move to another task without wasting your precious time searching for files.

Make a folder containing commonly used files, such as your Documents folder. Also, always try to use full file names so that you can easily find what you are looking for when searching for files. You can use Google's desktop search tool to spotlight on your PC or Mac, to easily find files that have a lot of difficulties finding on a computer.

4. Wipe the computer’s desktop

People generally do not give much thought to their desktops and due to which they can have dozens of unused icons and file downloads that are taking up only computer space. So always keep the files, folders, and programs that you need on your desktop or laptop.

5. Learn the shortcuts

To learn something new about any software, always set a goal and use as many tools as possible. Everyone has a question in mind, how do I remember keyboard shortcuts? Menus and keyboard shortcuts have a lot of hidden options, which you know can save you precious time, energy, and purity.

To remember the shortcut keys, make a list of common keyboard shortcuts and print them and place it next to the computer. When you challenge yourself to learn these new tricks, you will become faster and more productive over time.

Learn the shortcuts

These are all strategies of very simple tips and ideas that will help to be more efficient and productive. When you incorporate any of these strategies into your daily routine, you will feel that you are actually succeeding in doing more work in less time.

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