Logistics and Supply chain management career in India

By the way, in this period of coronavirus pandemic, the lives of many people were ruined, many people became homeless and unemployed. Now many companies are getting their workers working under Work from Home because the work is also less due to the recession and the company has to cut its expenses. Logistics and supply chain management career in India a career option that is doing good business in this recession and has been able to make its existence.

Logistics and Supply chain management career in India

The situation arising out of the Corona epidemic has given golden opportunities to professionals in logistics and supply chain management. The imperative of social distancing has increased the scope of e-commerce companies. Beyond this, the demand for logistics professionals in the country has increased rapidly. Of course, this growth has accelerated in the Corona period, but it will continue to be among the top employment sectors as it is the only sector that is connected by road, rail, air, and waterways. According to a report, by 2025, the sector will grow at a CAGR of 10.5 percent. In such a situation, youth can adopt this field and give a new career to their career.

Today any item produced in one corner of the world can be easily found in any other corner of it. This facility has become possible due to better logistics management and supply chain management. Supply chain management (SCM) is the only way to deliver any product to the consumer in a better, shortest time and at a cheaper rate. The Corona crisis has brought major changes to SCM. This will require a large number of professionals in the logistics sector in the coming time.

Top Premier Institute in India

What is the logistics

Most people are still not fully aware of the importance of logistics and SACM. Whereas logistics has an important role in making the work of any product from production to sale smoothly. It is actually the industry sector related to the business of infrastructure, technology, and new types of service providers. It involves the entire process of transporting the product to the market and consumer's home after production. It is also instrumental in helping the consumer reach the product and provide effective services as well as reduce their costs. 

For this reason, it is considered the backbone of the economy. Today it is the fastest growing industry. After passing the 10 + 2 examination, the qualification required for admission can be enrolled in the undergraduate (UG) course related to logistics. Whereas for admission to Post Graduate (PG) course, one should have a Bachelor's degree from any discipline. Undergraduate courses are for three years and PG courses are for two years. PG level diploma courses range from four months to two years. Some institutes offer courses even after passing the tenth standard.

Major courses in Logistics 

  • Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Shipping
  • Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor in Supply Chain Management
  • Post Graduate Course in Logistics and SCM
  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Materials and Logistics Management

There are different fees for different courses. The fees for diploma courses range from 30 thousand to one lakh rupees. While the fees for UG course is between 50 thousand to three lakh rupees. A minimum fee of one lakh rupees may have to be paid for the PG course.

Choose the right course

It is very important to choose the right course to make a career in this field. You can get a job by choosing a course to the best of your ability. Special courses related to different fields are offered in logistics and supply chain management. You can proceed by choosing the course of your choice.

Having these skills is important

To make a career in the field of logistics, it is very important to be proficient in team management with a certificate, because the entire profession is based on teamwork. If you are capable of managing the team, specializes in solving the problem immediately, and can encourage your colleagues and subordinates with your words, then your success is certain for you.

Must also have practical ability and patience to deal with challenges as there are challenges in this fast-growing sector. With these qualities, you can give a new height to your career in this field in a short time. Attractive Salary Package Logistics professionals get a very good salary package. 

In this field, managers get an annual salary of Rs five to six lakh at the initial level, which increases with experience. After three to four years of experience, the salary can range from ten to twelve million to fifteen million annually. At the same time, after the coming diploma course, the professionals who come in this field get three to three and a half lakh to five lakh annual salary in the beginning.

E-commerce companies opened doors

Due to the increasing business of e-commerce companies, New career options are coming up in logistics. For the last few years, e-commerce companies have been doing a lot of business, in which the role of logistics companies cannot be ignored. 

Due to India's large population and fast growth of e-commerce companies, the region is undergoing three developments. Due to this, there is a huge demand for logistics professionals not only in metro cities but also in the developed cities. It is expected to grow faster in the coming days.

What will work

It covers everything from professional packaging to supply chain management. Warehousing systems, distribution systems are also its parts. The professional working here should be aware of all these tasks. Apart from this, sectors like labor management, customer-ordination, purchasing are also covered under logistics.

In other words, it is the responsibility of a logistics professional to produce goods in a factory right from the consumer's home.

No effect of the recession

This is a sector that is equal to the impact of the economic downturn. This is the reason that the logistics and supply chain has emerged as a very beneficial career option. The need for logistics remains even when the economic situation declines. 

Global companies are looking for professionals from this sector, which leads to substantial employment opportunities in the sector. The job in this sector is quite safe and if we look at the projections made about the development of this sector, then there is also no lack of employment opportunities.

Ever growing area

Logistics and supply chain management is an important part of several different sectors like manufacturing, infrastructure, e-commerce, vehicles, retail, agricultural products, etc. If one area is affected by a slowdown at some time, then another sector keeps moving forward, due to this there is a lot of opportunities to grow in this area. 

While the Corona crisis slowed down the pace of all the sectors, demand for logistics professionals increased due to the increasing demand for e-commerce. Wani is always a sector that is doing well, which benefits the logistics. Therefore, jobs are also more secure in this sector.

Careers in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Purchase Analyst, Sr. I
  • Supply Chain Manager (Planning & Operations)
  • Advance Jobs Private Limited
  • Presales Manager- Products, Domain- Supply Chain/ Logistics/ Transportation/ Railroad
  • Logistics Specialist
  • HR Services in Logistics
  • InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Supply Chain Coordinator
  • Logistics Specialist
  • Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Application Developer
  • Datacenter Inventory & Asset Technician
  • Warehouse Operations Manager
  • Strategic Planner
  • Contract Analyst
  • Supplier Quality Project Manager
  • International Logistics Manager
  • Customer Service
  • International Logistics Manager

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