Importance of Positive Thinking for Competitive Exams

The truth has been told, "The world rests on hope." In fact, this 'expectation' is the seed mantra of positive thinking. Positive thinking is the attitude in which a person's tendency to think about the bright side of a situation, event, or environment is awakened. Positive thinking has an important role for the participants in the competitive examinations. It removes the depression of the examinees, makes them crave for examination, this is the practical initiative of positive thinking. By adopting it in life, a person can reach the highest peak of success.

Importance of Positive Thinking for Competitive Exams

Positive Thinking - A Scientific Approach

"The person gets the perception of what he thinks." That is, his thinking is very important in preparing the ground of a person's thinking, as well as the mindset of a person also creates his mindset and the mindset of a person affects his actions, and his actions only produce the results of a person.

If a person goes for an interview, now if he is not optimistic about his success, he thinks, "He is not fit for the post, other participants are more qualified than him, then that person's morale will be weak, Which will be visible from his face, gestures, and activities and this will affect his thinking and personality. In such a situation, he will not be able to present himself to the interview committee as well as a positive thinking person, in this way Only because of his 'thinking' will this person be entitled to get negative results. "

Renowned scholar and industrialist Henry Ford says

"When you think that you can be successful and when you think that you cannot be successful, in both circumstances you think well."

That is, whether to succeed or not or not, it depends on both positive and negative thinking.

Another example can also explain its utility in this way.

"A new cycling person is scared to see a stone in the middle of the road. He thinks that he should not hit the stone, while there is enough space around that stone to get out of it, but the fear of hitting the stone, Reduces his positive thinking and he forgets the option of turning the cycle to the right or left even if he does not want to, and he collides with a stone when negative thinking prevails. "

Recently, during the economic downturn in the world, two concepts emerged strongly. The economists at that time were of the clear opinion that "this medicine depends on the positive or negative attitude towards the world, market, and economic development. India was taking a positive attitude towards this global economic recession from the very beginning, it was believed that this is not the time to shed tears, but the problem is to be determined and make effective policy, then the Ministry of Finance, Reserve Bank of India and Central The monetary measures taken by the banks proved to be effective and it is due to its positive thinking that India has emerged from this worst problem. "

Types of positive thinking

There are two types of positive thinking 

(1) Active 

(2) Passive

In relation to the "half-filled and half-empty glass", the person who sees half of the glass as full, falls into the category of active positive thinking, because he expects "it can fill half the glass even further." And will also try towards it.

The person who sees the glass half-empty will be a passive thinking person, he will think that this glass will become more empty going forward and one day it will be completely empty. In this way, that person will become inactive towards work.

Attempts to adopt a positive thinking approach 

It has been scientifically proven that another subtle energy is circulating around every person. The person of positive thinking will remain cheerful working and he will continue to communicate enthusiasm with him as well as his colleagues, while the person of negative thinking will be full of anger, disappointment, failure, and depression, such a person will be able to be self Cannot provide effective leadership among colleagues, which has an adverse impact on the institution's progress, reputation.

With continuous efforts and measures in life, a person can make his personality positive, for this, the following things should be tried and adopted in life.

  • Trust yourself.
  • Try to be happy in every situation.
  • Always be optimistic
  • Try to find a positive aspect of every problem and event.
  • Make your personality smile
  • Do not get distracted under adverse circumstances.
  • Read biographical and motivational references of inspiring and successful people in free time, it will prove to be helpful in changing the ideology of the person and the thinking of the person will be positive. 
  • Do not let negative thinking dominate you.
  • Trust in God When a work is not in the hands of a person, then it is said that "This was the will of God".

"Even the enemy surrounded by the enemy thinks on the strength of his positive thinking rather than embracing death. Even if he will shoot in all four directions without aiming, it will still create fear and kill them in the enemy." 

Relation of positive thinking and efficient communication

Efficient communication is very important in positive thinking, due to positive thinking - the standard set for avoiding controversy and mental stress is as follows

  • 50% - Listening
  • 25% - Speaking
  • 15% - Reading
  • 10% - Writing

Positive thinking to mental stress

It is also appropriate to seek the cooperation of your colleagues while preparing for competitive exams. Always thinking that his partner will cheat him by giving him the wrong information is not appropriate, but it will only increase his mental stress. Due to positive thinking, taking appropriate support, and giving support to your colleagues, removes mental stress to a great extent. If the participant follows the following assumption, he will be affected by it in his field even after succeeding in the competitive examination and then he will think that -

 "Always, not everyone is wrong and not everyone should be weighed on one scale." A survey has revealed the fact that 78% of a person's partners are right. 12% want to support him, but according to his own terms and 10% of his partner gives rise to problems and tries to harm him, nowhere due to positive thinking, a person should make 78% of his good partner as his partner and They should cooperate and take it and the rest should be ignored.

When there is a dispute or disagreement with someone, one should not spend their time just for this "how should I teach a lesson to them." Here the person should not ignore his own interests, because he has to suffer loss. In fact, the fund of positive thinking changes the mindset of the participants, motivating them to keep moving towards their goals.

"The ship standing at the port in the sea is safe, but its usefulness is only when it lands in the middle of the sea and reaches its destination. For this, it is necessary that the ship's driver, keeping a positive attitude and adopting protective measures, should keep the ship at sea. Remove. "

Napoleon Bonaparte has also said that 

"You will see me losing the battle ever but I will never see me losing time in the gloom of despair ....."

The best assumption is due to positive thinking to get success in competitive exams.

"सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः, सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु, मा कश्चित् दुःख भाग भवेत्

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