20 important lessons of 2021, the biggest weapon is the power to change oneself

In this year of crisis, we saw and learned a lot. But this whole time squeeze, that is, the 20 biggest lessons of 2020, which are telling you, the experts of Educarehub Channel are telling you after their experience and research. Every year we have to learn something or the other, we should follow those good lessons and experiences at the moment to live, not forget them. So let us know the 20 important lessons of 2020, the biggest weapon is the power to change oneself, how they should be fully read and know. 

20 important lessons of 2020, the biggest weapon is the power to change oneself

First Healthy Body

Corona taught people to afresh the importance of a healthy body. It is not only health but physically and mentally fit people became the priority of the people. Those who considered exercise or yoga as a burden also made fitness routines.

Saving is capital

The difficult economic phase once again conveyed the importance of saving to the people. Those who were already in the habit of saving got relief during this period. Those who did not have this habit definitely got Sikhs.

Give more if you have more

The number of demons also increased during the Corona period. Billionaires openly funded funds for research-treatment. This time of crisis was also the best period of mutual cooperation.

Like food, like body

Probably for the first time in the Coronas, people paid so much attention to their food. Immunity became a priority rather than a taste in food. People preferred to eat fresh and healthy food at home.

It is never too late to learn

Everyone must teach something this year. Children taught online, teachers taught online. Many people made digital payments for the first time.

The crisis also brings opportunities

Coronavirus created a crisis for many industries, and new opportunities were created for many industries. Went to a cinema hall, but the OTT platform flooded. The restaurant closed, food delivery apps started running.

Heaven is at home

Millions of people returned to their homes in times of crisis. So fear of some disease and some helplessness of employment. This displacement created a new debate as to why employment opportunities are not close to home.

Heaven is at home

Nothing is more precious than time

This was probably the first time people spent so much time with their families during the lockdown. When I got a break in the blind race of earning, it was found that time spent with family is the most precious.

Every problem is solved

In the form of lockdown, there was a problem for offices and playgrounds. Time taught me that there is a solution to every crisis. Offices shifted to homes, games also went online.

Superheroes are really

In this time of crisis, people see real superheroes. Be it doctors and health workers or policemen, the way these people worked continuously without getting tired was more than any superhero.

Follow along and get the solution soon

Before this, the vaccine for any disease was not made so soon. The reason was that all the countries and institutions engaged in research shared the information. Traveling soon found a solution.

If God is in the mind then home is also a temple

In the lockdown, the doors of the temple, the temple, the gurudwara, the jars were closed, but the people understood that God resides in the mind. Visited God from home, worshiped him.

The correct information is most important

Be it the Corona figures or the China border dispute, this year taught us that the right information is very important. We were troubled all year by viral lies on social media.

No work is small or big

Previously, sweepers used to come and go in the neighborhoods, no one even knew. But when Corona explained the importance of cleanliness, flowers were showered on the scavengers.

Fills pot by drop

The economy collapsed in the lockdown. GDP growth reached negative. But when business resumed, small steps gave impetus to excess recovery. Our small effort is also a big step.

Is God Really in Cleanliness?

As a child, we only read, Corona showed us that God is in cleanliness. Cleanliness became our need in this difficult time and now it has become a habit.

Abstinence is the greatest strength

Corona increased the crowd of people. The restraint of social distancing or the mask became the biggest power of the people. The one who followed the restraint won.

Crisis does not distinguish rich and poor

The crisis in Corona struck many nation heads ranging from Britain's Prince Charles. Many big names merged in time. The epidemic erased the rich-poor distinction.

Have courage in mind, dwarf every crisis

Any disease beats the mind before its body. Among those who defeated Corona, there were also those who had crossed the age of 70 who had serious diseases before. With his courage, he defeated the disease.

Life goes on continuously

This is the biggest lesson of this time. Mushkil comes, many times he gets away from himself. It seems that nothing is going right, but life goes on. The sun of hope definitely rises after the dark night.

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   Wish You A Very Happy New Year 2021  

Wish You A Very Happy New Year 2021

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