5 Security Tips All Online Shoppers Should Know at All Times

You already know how to get the best deals and prices when shopping online. How about staying safe against hackers and scammers online too? 

5 Security Tips All Online Shoppers Should Know at All Times

The next time you are about to browse some items online or checkout, make sure you have observed these best practices for better security. 

Site Security 

Only buy from vendors that have an HTTPS package in place. This shows that they have an SSL certificate and the transactions on their website are secured. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your data to hackers and scammers. 

Dedicated Payment 

Card If possible, have a single debit or credit card that you use for your online transactions. While you are not planning on getting attacked, you can be sure such attacks will be limited to that card alone.

Furthermore, only leave enough money to shop on these cards. In the case of a debit card, you can leave the bank balance empty and only transfer it into the account when you are about to make a purchase. Embracing such a model greatly limits your financial exposure in the face of a breach.

Secure Connections 

As much as the website needs to be secured, your connection needs to be safe also. Unsafe connections allow hackers to snoop on your internet data and activity so much that they can find out your sensitive details. We usually recommend that online shoppers get a VPN app to encrypt their internet connection whenever they are going online. In the same vein, avoid public and free Wi-Fi networks when doing anything sensitive on the internet. 

Virtual Cards 

Certain services allow you to mask your credit and debit card details when shopping online. 

The card that gets charged when you are checking out is yours, but it does not carry your details. Even the top eCommerce providers can get hacked sometimes so masking your card ensures hackers can’t make away with your card info. 

Make sure to choose a reputable brand for this service lest you fall into the hands of more threat players. 

Public Computer 

Usage You might suddenly remember that you have to order something when browsing on a public computer. This is not the time to complete the process. 

Most times, these public computers also work on a public Wi-Fi network – which we have already said to be without encryption. You can save the items for later, copy links to send to your email or just choose to restart the whole buying process when you are on a personal/ more secure network. 

Shop Safe 

The uptick in eCommerce activity in recent times motivates hackers to go after online shoppers more. With these tips in place, you are ensured better security against their tactics.


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