Brian Acton first created WhatsApp, now the Signal app as an alternative

Brian Acton, the co-founder of the Signal App, is in the news nowadays because he benefited from the controversy over the new terms of WhatsApp, making it No. 1 in WhatsApp's competitive signal downloading. Brian Acton (Brian Acton) is a noted American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. Brian Acton and Jan Koum are the founders of WhatsApp.

Brian Acton first created WhatsApp, now the Signal app as an alternative

  • Born - 17 February 1972 (Michigan, USA)
  • Education - Bachelor of Science, Stanford University
  • Pully-Tegan Acton
  • Total assets - 18 thousand crores (according to Forbes)

Brian Acton, 49, is nothing short of a scary dream for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The matter was in 2009 when the company did not lose the Acton for Facebook interview. But just 5 years later, Facebook bought WhatsApp made by Acton and John Coom for 1.3 lakh crores rupees ($ 19 billion). Acton, who was once rejected as an employee in Facebook, became the owner of 27 thousand crore rupees ($ 3.8 billion) of assets through this deal. Even after the deal, Acton continued to work at Facebook, but 3 years later in 2017, he got fed up with Facebook on the issue of advertising and privacy. After leaving the company, in March 2018, Acton openly wrote on social media that the time has come to delete Facebook.

This damaged Facebook's image. Now, two years later, there is a coincidence that WhatsApp's new terms of privacy violations are hot all over the world, and two social media apps, Signal and Telegram, are benefiting the most from this controversy. Last week, Signal became the most downloaded app on the Apple Play Store. On 11 January, 1.3 million people downloaded the signal. People have been wanting to know about Brian Acton after Signal came into the limelight. Brian Acton first created WhatsApp, now the Signal app as an alternative.

Famous for WhatsApp, owner of 18 thousand crores rupees

Brian Acton created an application with a programming code that was appreciated by the whole world and became the most used social media app. Today, the number of people using WhatsApp in the world is more than 60 crores (approx).

Twitter-facebook never hired them

A year after Acton started his job at Yahoo, John Coom started at Yahoo. The two left their jobs together in 2007 and set out on a trip to South America. In the meantime, he spent time away from work, in sports, and in fun. In 2009, Facebook and Twitter did not qualify him for the job. After this, Acton started brainstorming to start a startup, when his friend Koum got the idea to develop a messaging application. And the two together launched WhatsApp in 2009 itself. This gave Acton 20 percent of the company's shares.

Acton is from a family of entrepreneurs

Acton, who was Yahoo's 44th employee, began his career in 1992 as a system administrator at the aircraft-related company Rockwell International. After this, there was a product tester in Apple-Adobe. Acton was the 44th employee of the company in early 1996 at Yahoo. As of 2007, he held several portfolios including advertising at Yahoo. Acton states that the seeds of entrepreneurship were present in them since childhood. Growing up in Michigan, Acton's mother started an aviation company. His grandmother started a golf course in Michigan.

1219 in the list of rich

Acton is the 1219th richest person in the world with a net worth of 18 thousand crore rupees ($ 2.5 billion) according to Forbes' real-time net worth list. Acton has been doing charity since 2014. Together with his wife Tegan, he has formed a charity called Wildcard Giving. Through this, so far he has spent 7 thousand crores. More than that is donated to various social causes. He is helping people from the weaker income groups in San Francisco through the Sunlight Giving Foundation.

Privacy has soured with Facebook, emphasis on keeping signal free for life

Acton says that Zuckerberg pressured him to take advantage of WhatsApp commercially. Asked for encryption to make advertising and messaging commercially friendly. Acton insisted that the company could make money from the number of users, according to Acton Facebook was insisting on advertising.

Acton also had to pay the price for this protest. He left Facebook a year before the deadline to receive his share stock. This caused a loss of Rs 6 thousand crores.

  • In 2014 Moxie Marlinspike developed the Signal app.
  • Acton invested $ 50 million in Signal App in 2017.
  • Established the Signal Foundation in 2018. According to Acton, Signal is a secure messaging service and they will not use it for business purposes at all.


Brian Acton has become a source of inspiration for many people in the world today. He never gave up even after being fired and released from many companies. Always believed on one's own, and the struggle continued, which is why today Brian Acton stands successfully. One who has faith in himself and is willing to work hard gets success in every situation. How do you learn from your failure? Your success depends only on this.

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