Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Ray Kroc Mcdonalds

Raymond Albert Kroc, founder of McDonald's franchise chain, faced difficulties. He did a lot of business in life, but he failed in most of the work.

Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Ray Kroc Mcdonalds

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Some Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Ray Kroc Mcdonalds 

So let's know all the secret that you do not know. After knowing these facts, all of you will find many sources of success in life.

Name: Raymond Albert Kroc
Born: October 5, 1902
Place: Oak Park, Illinois, U.S.
Died: January 14, 1984 (aged 81)
Place: San Diego, California, U.S.
Nationality: American, Czech American
Occupation: Businessman; franchisor
Years active: 1954–1984
Known as: Purchasing, popularizing and "founding" McDonald's
Net worth: $600 million (1984 approx)
Political party:    Republican
Spouse(s): Ethel Fleming (m. 1922; div. 1961)​, Jane Dobbins Green​ (m. 1963; div. 1968)​, Joan Kroc (m. 1969)

In 1940, the two brothers Moric (Mac) and Richard (Dick) MacDonald ran a small restaurant in San Bernardino, California, which, together with Ray Kroc, helped establish McDonald's as a worldwide food chain. Was done.

For most of his life, Ray Kroc was wearied as a salesman. . He also tried to play the piano in a traveling band, but his pulse did not melt there either. Then for seventeen years he worked as a salesman of the paper cup making lily tulip cup company. They used to go out on the streets of Chicago at 7 in the morning and search for orders and new customers. 

When the rest of the people went home from their office at 5 in the evening, Ray Kroc went to another job. He used to go to Chicago radio station in the evening and play the piano there, because in those days music was broadcast live without being recorded. Their work ended at two o'clock at night. That is, in the life of Ray Kroc, from seven in the morning to two in the night, there was running and sunshine, but despite this, they could not get much money.

Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Ray Kroc Mcdonalds

Once he took a five-month leave from the Tulip Cup Company and tried to sell property in Florida. However, due to his presence in the real estate market, this work could not be frozen and he returned to the Lily 2 Cup Company again. He then became a distributor of multi-mixers "A, created by an engineer named Earl Prince. Prince and Ray Kroc became equal partners in profits. Ray Kroc continued to operate for thirteen years, but to no great success.

Many people think that due to old age they can no longer succeed. Such people should take inspiration from Ray Kroc’s story.

The star of Ray Kroc's fortune shone at the age of 52. One day while looking at his sales report, he noticed that the restaurants have bought eight of his multi-mixers. The restaurant was run by two brothers named Mac and McDonald. Kroc thought that when a multisay could make five milkshakes at the same time, it meant that the restaurant would all go on, only then would this restaurant need to make 40 milkas at once. Thinking this, he decided to go to see those unique restaurants. 

Ray Kroc 's eyes cracked as he stepped into the McDonnells restaurant. He saw that people there were standing in line, making a ruckus for the 15-cent Hemvargar. In that restaurant, only select food items were available or like hamburger, french fries and soft drinks. It used to work in an assembly line manner, that is, it took minimal time, effort and cost to manufacture each item. The turnover was so high that despite the low margin, the profits were substantial. 

Kroc thought deeply about it at his hotel that night. A picture emerged in his mind that many restaurants at McDonald's are open at crossroads across the country and there are crowds of customers. The next morning Ray Kroc had made his plans. He decided to suggest to the McDonald brothers that they open their chain of restaurants across the US, so that their multi-mixers could sell in large numbers. The strange thing was that Ray Kroc was still thinking about increasing the sales of his multi-mixer. 

The next day, Ray Kroc proposed to the McDonald brothers to open their restaurant chain so that they could benefit more. Hearing this, Dick McDonald responded that he loved staying in his house, and if he opened a restaurant chain, he would have to stay away from his home. Ray Kroc made his golden offer to the McDonald brothers. Offered to him that if the McDonald brothers give him the rights to open the chain of his restaurant, he will give them royalty in return which can lead to a very good income. After much deliberation, Ray Kroc bought the franchise rights from the McDonald brothers in exchange for 0.33 percent of gross income.

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At the time Ray Kroc started McDonald's, at that time he was not only 52 years old but also had many diseases. He had diabetes, his cheek-bladder had worsened, his thyroid gland condition was also worsened and Arthritis had also started. But despite these physical ailments and advancing age, he was confident that the golden days of his life were about to begin.

Kroc opened his first McDonald's restaurant in 1955 in Des Plains, a Chicago suburb, which became an instant success. Then Kroc went on expanding. McDonald's restaurants became so popular that 228 McDonald's restaurants opened in five years. Ray Kroc was delighted, but it was a pity that he was not the owner of the restaurant chain, because technically the owners were McDonald brothers.

Ray Kroc wanted to spread the restaurant chain all over the world and become really rich and famous, so he decided to buy restaurant chains from the McDonald brothers. He asked Dick McDonald how much he would sell the entire rights to the chain. Two days later the brothers responded: 27 million dollars. The amount was too much to hear that Ray Kroc's senses flew away and he missed the phone. Both brothers wanted that after paying tax, they both had at least a million dollars. The deal was too expensive and Ray Kroc did not have that much money, but at last Ray Kroc took a loan with a stone on his heart and bought the chain from the McDonald brothers. In 1961, Ray Kroc purchased the entire rights of McDonald's from the McDonald brothers in a lump sum and became the sole owner of the entire franchise chain.

By 1983, he had opened 7778 restaurants in 30 countries, with sales totaling $ 3 billion. When Ray Kroc died in 1984, his assets were over $ 500 million. Ray Kroc's life is a direct proof that humans can make money at any age, at the thought of anyone.


His life is proof that a person can become rich despite age, diseases and financial difficulties, provided he has the courage, imagination to foresee and is willing to work hard.

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