WhatsApp's new policy, which will have to be deleted on account of not being accepted, why favorite app of people remains in disputes - know this information on WhatsApp (2023)

  WhatsApp has around 200 crore users worldwide, but for the last few days, WhatsApp has created a debate with its new privacy policy. The new privacy policy states that the user will have to accept it by February 8, in case of rejection it will delete the Whatsapp account. The debate is about the rules of the new privacy policy. It has been said that WhatsApp will share all your information with its parent company Facebook. I have taken all the content ideas from StatistaEmarketerMarketing Charts, and WhatsApp and written this article on WhatsApp's new policy, which will have to be deleted on account of not being accepted, why the favorite app of people remains in disputes - know this information on WhatsApp (2021).

WhatsApp's new policy, which will have to be deleted on account of not being accepted, why favorite app of people remains in disputes - know this information on WhatsApp (2021)

With the introduction of this new privacy policy, criticism has started all over the world. Many stars have started advocating using other messaging apps except WhatsApp, in which the threat of privacy infringement is minimal. 

Some cyber experts say that accepting WhatsApp's new privacy policy is like throwing yourself into the fire. Once you accept this policy, you will hand over all the information available on mobile or computer to WhatsApp. Then you will have nothing left. Another important point is that our country does not have strict laws regarding the violation of privacy. This is the reason Whatsapp is imposing such conditions on people, whereas in countries with strict laws, its conditions are different. It is especially important for the US and European Union countries that in December 2020, more than 40 US states filed a lawsuit against the anti-WhatsApp parent company Facebook under the anti-competitive law. 

There are allegations of preventing small companies from entering the market and establishing a monopoly. A similar lawsuit has been filed against Google in October. Whatsapp's new policy has come at a time when its parent company is already in controversy.

The larger the messaging service, the bigger the controversy, and the more prominent are the following:

When Jeff Bezos' account was hacked

One of the biggest controversies on WhatsApp was the Amazon hack of account founder Jeff Bezos. In May 2018, Bezos received a band on WhatsApp. The Amazon CEO reported that the mp4 clip allegedly contained malware that began to lock data on his iPhone. According to reports, the clip was allegedly sent from the account of the Saudi Crown Prince. The Saudi Arabian government, however, called the allegations false. 

When the telegram founder said that it was dangerous

Telegram's founder Pavela Durov posted a post in his blog titled Why Use WhatsApp is Dangerous, in which he said that bugs in any smartphone's app go through the back door and expose any data or entire data, Hackers hack the app easily. In such a situation, there is no use for end-to-end encryption of this app. 

Searching WhatsApp group chat on Google

This is a controversy in which the messaging app implicated Khad last year. According to a news published in Vice, Google creates an index of invites of WhatsApp group chats of WhatsApp administrators who keep their own private. This simply means that any common person can join the chat of these WhatsApp apps by searching on Google. According to a WhatsApp spokesperson, any other WhatsApp user can find the group invites link which is posted publicly by searching on Google.

8 Major statistics related to WhatsApp 

  • There are 2 billion users worldwide 
  • 9.6 million times downloaded WhatsApp in February 2020 
  • This app is available in 180 countries and 60 languages 
  • 40 million users are most in WhatsApp 
  • 65 billion messages are sent daily via WhatsApp 
  • 50 crore WhatsApp accounts every day using the WhatsApp status feature 
  • WhatsApp was launched in 2009
  • Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for $ 19 billion. All the most downloaded apps are from Facebook. As per the internet research record, Facebook was the most downloaded app between 2010 and 2019. The Facebook app itself was number one. Messenger in second place, WhatsApp in third, and Instagram App in fourth. Facebook bought Insta in 2012 for a billion dollars. 

What changes have been made in the privacy policy of WhatsApp: - 

  • Facebook bought the WhatsApp app for $ 19 billion in the year 2014 and since September 2016, WhatsApp has been sharing the data of its users with Facebook. 
  • Now WhatsApp has clearly stated in the privacy policy to share the data of its users with Facebook as well as companies associated with it. 
  • WhatsApp can give its user's Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) to Facebook, Instagram, or any other third party. 
  • WhatsApp has clearly stated this in the new privacy policy. Since its headquarters and data center are in the US, the user's personal information can be transferred there if needed. Not only in America but also in countries where WhatsApp and Facebook have offices, data of people i.e. users can also be sent there. According to the new policy, even if you do not use the location of WhatsApp, information such as your IP address, phone number, country, and city will be with WhatsApp. 
  • WhatsApp has started a payment service in India and in such a situation, if you use its payment feature, then WhatsApp will also store many more personal data like your payment account and transaction information. 
  • WhatsApp will now collect information related to the browser, information such as language, time zone, phone number, mobile, and internet service Provider The company, as well as battery label, signal strength, and app version, from your device. 
  • If you just delete WhatsApp from mobile and do not opt ​​for in-app delete by going to the 'My Account' section then your data will remain with WhatsApp. WhatsApp's new policy, which will have to be deleted on account of not being accepted 

    WhatsApp's new policy, which will have to be deleted on account of not being accepted

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