How to Earn Money by Digital Marketing

 There were days when earning money was hard and limited to those with proper access to the learning system of society at an early age of life. But now earning money online has been a great alternative and it allows people to earn money through digital marketing which they can learn at any stage or age of life. The only pre-requirement for this is that the person needs to have high ambition and willingness to lead a better life.

How to Earn Money by Digital Marketing

The average salary of an Indian Graduated youth is 10k to 15k INR a month whereas that of American youth with the same qualification is 7k to 8k USD (roughly around 4 Lakhs per month), is this only because the living stander of both the country is different? Well, the answer is not, the right explanation is that it's another way around. Because they earn well so they lead a better life. Earning dollars through digital marketing allows the Indian youth an opportunity to earn better and live a life that they usually just dream of.

Note: Digital marketing is not a shortcut to earning money, but with proper guidance and time one can earn a proper livelihood.

How to Earn Money by Digital Marketing: Learn –> Practice –> Earn –> Learn More –> Practice More –> Earn More

What and Why of Digital Marketing:

Almost all of us spend a great share of the day online, either at an office or at home or even when traveling in our car or that shared transport we all dig into the digital world of websites, social media sites, search engines, mobile applications, etc., we all see those big banners of some of the market leaders’ product or services company displaying everywhere whether that is Facebook or Twitter or a news website that you follow or even the mobile games that you play. All this is done and managed in order to bring sales and hence revenue to companies by a team of experts who are digital marketers. Promoting one’s services or products using digital media organically or inorganically is called digital marketing.

Why? Because no matter what your business is your target must be on one or multiple such channels and must be spending lots of time on these places hence it becomes unavoidable for businesses to advertise on these channels to gather leads and generate new business sales.

Learn how to earn money through digital marketing:

A person with knowledge of digital marketing gets a lot of fields open to work on like:

  • Blogger/Blogging
  • Website Designer
  • Website Developer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Mobile Marketer/Mobile App Store Optimizer
  • Start Digital Marketing Agency
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

The job of an SEO expert is to work in order to get a website to rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. All the search engines have their own algorithm to rank websites and the professionals are supposed to understand the ranking algorithm and work accordingly to improve the ranking of a client's websites. The fact that Search Engines are getting smarter and hence digital marketers needs to get smarter in order to be able to do the job. This is one of the most preferred profiles by digital marketers to earn money.


Earning money with the help of digital marketing can be very easy if you have a good command of writing articles. A good writer can opt for a blogger profile or the profile of a content writer with some reputed company always looking out for a talented writer. One can also start writing on own website. This website is maintained and promoted properly and will generate high revenue in the future. I also started my blog in the name Educarehub Channel with a group of educated people.

Website Designer

A well-designed website is one that is search engine friendly. A website is developed to serve a large set of audience. Most of these audiences will be coming from search engines. The search engines prefer to rank well-built websites only, the ones which are friendly to the user. A designer with a good understanding of digital marketing can opt for such a profile if (s)he is interested in designing. Website designing is hence one of the areas in which people can get involved in order to earn using digital marketing knowledge.

Website Developer

Digital marketing trained professionals know how a website can be developed to make sure that the website stands well in the eyes of search engines and users and hence get a good ranking. This is one of the highest-paid professions if the person has a fair knowledge of website development and undergoes the digital marketing training program.

Social Media Manager

The larger the brand is the requirement to have a team of executives and managers taking care of social media presence. Brands and even mid-level companies cannot effort to not be on social media and not be responding to clients or users. If your passion is social media, if you love spending time on social media congrats, this job can pay you while letting you do what you love the most. Learn digital marketing and get to know how you can earn using this skill which no one ever cared about. This is the best way to Earn Money by Digital Marketing as a Social Media Manager.

Mobile Marketer/ Mobile App Optimizer

With the growth in internet penetration across the globe, the volume of mobile device users has gone to an all-time high and the number is still increasing. This is why almost all the company irrespective of fields are coming out with a mobile app. If you know how the stores work and how one can promote products on these devices. You can earn using the ability to work on app stores.

Affiliate Marketing

If you know about blogging and have good knowledge of in any field or niche. You can turn into a blogger and earn more than any of your college friends. It’s simple if people are coming to your website to learn something and that something is relevant to your product or service. I will pay you to get those people to visit my website. We see a lot of people traveling and writing blogs and earning out of it, you too can do that.

Email Marketing Specialist

Email is perhaps the most important channel of communication for professional and in some cases personal communication. A lot of companies use this tool to sell their product or services. All eCommerce companies, software companies, and web-based companies use this tool to improve sales figures. If you have an understanding of this channel, your ability to earn money improves.

Content writing

Content writing services form part of the digital marketing of work that began as an online service in the 1990s. Providing "speeches" to a website in unique words by writing through thinking and knowledge. There must be something new in your writing so that the website visitor must read it once.

Start Digital Marketing Agency

After earning all the information about digital marketing, according to the government rules, you can open your own digital marketing agency firm. Through this, you can generate a good source of income. You should give a good name to your Digital Marketing Agency and SEO its website well and make a big reduction by creating new clients.


These are a few of the ways in which a person with proper training in digital marketing can earn money using his/her skills. Contact us if you or your dear ones need a professional program that can help them start earning with a course of 3 months only. The best part is that the person just needs to have basic computer knowledge.

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