The elderly have the right to care and respect

When there is misbehavior with elders around us, we want to help them but our help does not exacerbate their problems, so help us legally by not interfering directly because the elders have the right to be cared for and respected.

The elderly have the right to care and respect

Many times when old parents are dependent on children or have given their home and property to children, in some cases incidents of abuse and beatings are also exposed to them. Elderly - The days of their own children are tortured and humiliated. According to a survey, about 75–80 percent of the elderly face some form of abuse. According to HelpAge India, about 60-65 percent of cruelty or abuse is committed by sons. In such a situation, know how you can lead a life with dignity.

Physical and mental torture

Killing and pushing the elderly is physical abuse. Apart from this, verbal abuse and mental harassment also come under this, such as taunting, not responding, insulting, etc. Apart from this, the elderly have to face financial problems such as not giving money for expenses, pressuring their property to own it, snatching money, etc. In such a situation, the people around them can help them because getting out of these troubles is the right of elders, care and respect are also there. At that time the matter may seem settled, but it is possible that due to our interference, they will be tortured more inside the house later. Therefore, without directly helping them, the help of law can be taken. The elderly can also help themselves.

What the law says, let's know:

Punishment on misconduct

The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, along with parental care, also provides that the aged guardians can lodge their grievances. The court can order children to take care of their parents and also to give a maintenance allowance of Rs. 10,000 every month. At the same time, there is also a provision for a jail sentence of 3 to 6 months. Now daughter-in-law and son-in-law will also be included in the definition of a child. The same law will also apply to them.

Right to maintenance

Older parents can also ask for alimony from their children under Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. It is the right of the elderly to get maintenance, not to spread their hands in front of the children.

Helpline for help

There is also a helpline number for the elderly. If the elderly are physically or mentally abused, they can call the 100 and 112 numbers for assistance. It can also help the elderly if their relatives, children, or daughter-in-law misbehave after the complaint, or bring them back home in fear of this act but bring back the same situation. The tribunal (tribunal) that the elderly person or couple had resorted to, maybe apprehensive from that organization, and that institution may periodically inquire into them. The tribunal itself may also seek information on senior citizens who have complained of misconduct relating to their loved ones.

Don't want to live with

In addition to the above provisions, in the event of extreme deterioration, senior citizens can take shelter in the sanctuary. If the children of the Bjerg couple take the property in their own name by deceit and do not provide maintenance, the tribunal will consider the transfer of that transferred property fraudulently and will be handed back to the elder. Instructions can also be given to the appropriate police officer for the proceedings of the case.

Despite this, if the abuse of the elderly is not stopped, they can also get relief by filing suit under the Criminal Act CrPC. They will only have to file a complaint before authorized police or magistrate and they will get the authority with the help of a jurist.

All of us can also help like this. There are some NGOs helping senior citizens. These NGOs apart from giving them various help also help in getting connected with local police, old age home, and other services.

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