How did you become the creator of your destiny - in 2022

In fact, luck is a continuous constructive process and has a very important place in our lives. When we fail in a task, it is said that whoever is in luck will get the same. Then we get rid of our deeds. Without knowing what our fate is? What is written in it and how to get it written? It is true that whatever we get by our actions, luck is the result of that result.

How did you become the creator of your destiny - in 2021

Become the creator of your destiny - in 2022, let's finds how in this article here.

Luck is a very mysterious word. How can something that is mysterious be created? How can I support him? Luck is an invisible emotion, which is the most important part of this creation. It is an almost undefined word associated with every person and everything, and those who have the power to give its definition only entertain their mind and intellect.

You study diligently with full capacity so that your future can be made, that is, you can get happiness and prosperity in the future. Is this not called the creation of fortune? The situation is also similar. Destiny is not built in a vacuum, it is created by meaningful action. Then you will agree with Pal Shirath's statement that today's effort is tomorrow's fate. Poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar has also made a similar statement - but the fate of society is one, that labor, that is Bhujbal. "

Luck can give us favorable opportunities. If we do not make the required efforts, then that opportunity will be wasted, thereafter nothing will be left with us except to repent. Ironically, Kavindra Rabindranath Thakur has said, "Destiny's hardness becomes more intolerable when fate brings the golden chariot, but its wheels are useless." Therefore, it is expedient from every point of view that we should rely more on effort than luck. Purushartha will also provide the right benefit of luck and will also create the future. This advice of a scholar named Fuelist Cyrus is entirely appropriate that trust in character, not luck.

Trends create character, thoughts give rise to trends and our destiny is built according to the character.

Character is the most powerful element in the creation of fortune. By creating the best character, we can be confident about the fate useful to serve mankind.

Only a negligible percentage of the contestants are successful. The meaning is clear that very few people have favorable luck or very few people are able to make the required efforts or efforts to achieve success. Targeting this fact, Mahatma Gautama Buddha said that there is a lot of sorrow in life. He gave the first sermon to his five closest disciples at Sarnath near Varanasi on the full moon day of Ashadha month. He emphasized four Arya truths

(i) Sorrow exists - दुःख का अस्तित्व है, (ii) Sorrow is the cause- दु:ख का कारण है; (iii) Grief can be eradicated and- दु:ख का निवारण किया जा सकता है तथा (iv) Remedy for grief prevention- दु:ख के निवारण का उपाय.

Throwing light on the fourth truth, he directed the Ashta Point program, in which the emphasis was on correcting all thinking and behavior, such as 

(i) Right faith means faith in the law of causation. As you sow, so you will receive, as you sow, so shall you bear fruit; - सम्यक् विश्वास अर्थात् कारण-कार्य के नियम में विश्वास. जैसा बोओगे, वैसा पाओगे, जैसा करोगे, वैसा फल पाओगे; (ii) due consideration-सम्यक् विचार; (iii) proper speech- सम्यक् भाषण/वचन; (iv) Samyakarma- सम्यक् कर्म; (v) Equitable means-सम्यक् साधन; (vi) equitable means of equitable livelihood- सम्यक् जीविका के सम्यक् साधन; (vii)  Samyukta Smriti and- सम्यक् स्मृति और (viii) Samyukt Meditation Thinking-Meditation- सम्यक् ध्यान चिन्तन-मनन.

It is important that the belief is like the first button of a coat or shirt. If the first button looks wrong then all the buttons look wrong or crooked. If we have full faith that the mango tree can never be produced when sowing Acacia, then we will not think of Acacia, otherwise, we will keep hoping for the arbitrary fruit by doing arbitrary behavior and if it does not happen then luck or Will continue to call the Creator bad.

The intention of Buddhadev is clear that a person who believes in the law of reason will consider each idea, every statement, every action, etc. in a proper way because he believes that the attainment of superiority. Can only be done by superiority.

According to our thoughts, our actions and words are done. We should keep our thoughts completely under our control. Before setting any goal, you should consider your strength, your means, your limitations, etc. In particular, it should be noted that the right accomplishment can be achieved only by the right means. Gandhiji used to emphasize moral and non-violent conduct in the struggle for independence. He used to tell his followers again and again that the best achievable cannot be achieved by devious or unfair means, he even used to say that I will reject Swarajya achieved by violence.

Suffering has to be done to achieve happiness, the steps of success are often built on the stairs of failure. In this context, we should learn from nature. Until the heat of manure spread in the seed, it could not get the contact of light and clean air. Russian scholar Madame H.P. Blavatsky's statement is visible - for the sake of prosperity, the change in the situation presented is inevitable, so it is necessary to have proportional distress in the process of change before its attainment. Remember this statement of Swami Vivekananda, "Bury the dead past, the eternal future is in front of you. Remember that every thought, word, and action builds your destiny."

Let us accept the existence of our destiny. Will have to do it. You will have to decorate it by effort. Destiny is a blessing given by God, which can be made best by his actions or best made by misdeeds, his giver is God, but we are the creators ourselves. Fascinate fate with your actions and enjoy life.

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