Distance From Gadgets and Why Digital Detox is So Important Now?

Recently, actor Aamir Khan said in an interview that he has decided not to use his smartphone for the next three months so that he can stay away from tensions and concentrate on his next film 'Lal Singh Chadha'. This actor's decision has once again given a new context to the debate about the extent to which gadgets are necessary for our lives and why we now need to make a distance from them, just a little bit?

Distance From Gadgets and Why Digital Detox is So Important Now?

Let's know why - Distance From Gadgets and Why Digital Detox is So Important Now?

A boundary line between work and home is very important. But during the last few years, this limit has become somewhat blurred. Especially at the time of lockdown, this limitation has been violated due to the compulsion to work from home. 

Work from home became easier because of gadgets. But many mental and physical problems also started. According to recent research, 18 percent of people believed that excessive use of those gadgets causes stress. The technique is now seen to be associated with restlessness and due to this, there are also talks of giving gadgets a break for a few days only. Well, the fact is that if we spend 30 minutes on social media, depression starts decreasing.

What does digital detox mean?

Digital detox means a complete withdrawal from all types of gadgets such as smartphones, computers, and social media platforms over a period of time. Even stop watching TV. However, practically it means reducing the habit of excessive use of gadgets, because. It is not possible to completely stay away from gadgets. Digital detox helps reduce stress and depression in life.

Detox is important, how to find it?

  • If your smartphone is left at home or the phone battery is discharged, then you feel very restless.
  • If you feel the urge to look like comments on e-mail, messages on WhatsApp, or even dully posts on social media in a short period of time.
  • If, after being on social media for some time, you feel stress or restlessness or feel angry.

Overuse of gadgets is also dangerous for relationships

Excessive use of technology is also having a disastrous effect on relationships. The first serious impact is that technology, especially when it comes to social media, has provided couples with a non-essential platform to compare with other couples. Comparison not only increases unrealistic expectations between partners but also increases feelings of insecurity about complaints and relationships. Another important effect is that it is reducing the time for me and your partner, which is very important to maintain the warmth of the relationship.

Relationships will be better with a digital detox

A digital detox can reinforce this relationship again if the relationship between Odi has reduced the warmth due to excessive use of gadgets. More importantly, if a new marriage has taken place, distance from gadgets will give a better chance to know the shortcomings and strengths of the partner, which will increase the understanding between them. The same bath will be real, in spite of the fact that it will be real. Due to less interference of social media in the relationship, the tension between them will also reduce and the relationship will flourish in a better environment.

How much it affects the relationship - some know through the figures.

  • 12% of adults admitted that smartphones had an impact on their relationships as well.
  • 33% of adults admitted to using smartphones while eating dinner.
  • 35% of adults used a smartphone while watching a movie.

Such a craze for smart phones

  • 33% of people become restless if their smartphone is removed from them even for a short time.
  • 70% believed that they use smartphones at night or just before bedtime.
  • 44% admitted that they sleep at night only by keeping the smartphone near their bed.

5 Easy Ways There is no need to leave gadgets completely, there can be a digital detox

It is not possible to leave gadgets completely. It is necessary to stay on the surface of reality. So these tricks can be useful for a digital detox.

1. Stay away from gadgets once a week. During that time you can spend time on yoga-meditation instead of gadgets. This will relieve stress.
2. Turn off notifications. Continuous checking of notifications increases stress. As far as possible, switch off all gadgets at night or at least turn off the data.
3. If your job is to keep in constant touch with your clients then set a fixed time to e-mail or reply to e-mail.
4. These days most of the time is going on WhatsApp. Set a time for this, eg from 10 am to 8 pm, you will not respond on WhatsApp.
5. When we are eating or working on a hobby, like painting, reading a book, cooking, do not use gadgets during that time.

Many celebrities do not like gadgets

Barack Obama

The former US president said in an interview a few years ago that he enjoys driving a car or cooking more than using gadgets.

Aamir Khan

The film actor has recently said that he will keep his mobile phone off for the next three months so that he can pay full attention to his upcoming film Lal Singh Chadha.

Selena Gomez

The pop star remained away from the gadgets for 90 days in 2017, sharing the experience - saying, I feel fresh. Since detox, she is now using gadgets less often.

How to make sure digital detox is successful?

For this, it is necessary to declare that I will not always be available on gadgets or social media. So if I am not able to reply to your messages on time, please do not mind him.
When you make limited use of gadgets, many people will say that you have become a big man. We do not answer. You have to remove this kind of guilt from the mind.
Keep yourself busy with other activities like reading, gardening, patting or playing a game. It is a scientific fact that when we have nothing to do, we spontaneously move towards gadgets.
Write and evaluate your experiences in a diary. When we write the thoughts and experiences in the diary, it will help us to carry forward our cause.

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