Do not make these four mistakes in conversation

Many people have been asking for years and searching on the internet how to impress others with conversation and what to say so that others will always remember you. On the art of effective speaking, I have shared the nectar for you people through the internet, I am sharing that.

Do not make these four mistakes in conversation

1. Not giving the correct 'closing statement'

At the end of a meeting or walking out of someone's house. If you do not give a closing statement, such as having fun, it was great, or today was a great day, then the person feels that he is not given importance. Or whatever he did for you, was not right. If you want to be everyone's favorite, then be sure to praise the person or item in your closing statements, say something for the future, or give a plan.

2. Staying on the phone while talking to someone

Take some time to come to meet you and you are sitting on your phone at that time, then the person in front will think that it was better to go to meet you and talk on the phone. He will have the feeling of being insignificant within himself. Remember, the person sitting in front is the most important. If you have to make an urgent phone or message, do so by telling the person in front.

3. To make or inadvertently censure

We understand this with an example. Someone brought a new car and instead of looking at the car and praising it, you made a comment on the color of the car. Think how much it will hurt the mind of the person in front of it. You would think that you gave your opinion honestly, but was that opinion needed? Did anyone ask for your opinion? Remember, do not give advice unless you ask for advice. Till one does not pressurize himself to find fault, do not plead, do not seek fault nor condemn it.

4. Answer very short or in one word

When the person in front of you talks a lot about you, but you answer him in one word, it makes him feel humiliated. This does not progress further. If you do this with subordinates in business or office, it can go on, but in the social circle, it becomes unpopular. Just as speaking too much is harmful, similarly speaking too little. This makes the frontman feel that he was not given any importance. By doing this people form negative opinions about you. So get fully involved in conversations with people.

Thanks for reading our articles. Follow these simple steps, and do not make these four mistakes in conversation. If you have any suggestions or query please comment in the comment box.

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