New discoveries that can prevent heart attack

These Innovations are connected to heart disease. Recently many innovations have been discovered by the medical sector for human beings to prevent heart disease.

New discoveries that can prevent heart attack

List of New discoveries that can prevent heart attack, the machine can make heart muscle also

E-tattoos can be applied to the chest to measure the beats

E-tattoo is a very strechable device, which can be attached to the chest. It measures heartbeat. This device can be remotely controlled from the smartphone and can be worn for several days. It also monitors the tattoo Electrocardiograph and Seismocardiograph. Combining both measurements makes a more accurate assessment of the health of the heart. It has been created by Texas University.

Defibrillators prevent sudden heart attacks

Researchers at Na Homopay Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic have created implantable Defibrillators. These devices can prevent sudden heart attacks. Unlike current defibrillators, the Mental Pulse Generator in the new device does not require a leather pocket. It uses a flexible string-shaped device, with no lead applied to the heart. It takes only 20 minutes to apply.

Soft robot helps in beating the heart

Researchers at Harvard University and Boston Children's Hospital have created a soft robot that can fit around the heart. This robot helps in beating the heart. This device is very useful for those who have had a heart attack and due to this, their heart has become weak. This device reduces the risk of heart failure in these people. This eliminates the need for blood thinners.

3D Bioprinted Heart Tissue - This machine is made of the heart muscle

Chicago-based biotech startup Biolif4d has developed an AI technology to bioprint human heart muscle patches. These muscles can be replaced by the dead heart muscle. This will help the heart attack patients in faster recovery. This muscle can help re-insert the patient's blood cells into stem cells.

AI algorithm will tell heart disease by looking at the eyes

Researchers at Google's Researcher and its Help Care subsidiary, Wali, have developed an artificial algorithm that will be able to tell if a person has heart disease, based on eye studies. To develop this technique, scientists looked at a database of 3 million patients and scanned the pattern. The technique can predict 70% accuracy whether the patient will have heart problems in the next 5 years.

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